September 2023 - He Went To Paris - Jimmy Buffett (cover)

After hearing of Jimmy Buffetts death, I decided that I wanted to do one of his songs that fewer people would know. While he is primarily known for his irreverent, tropical, party songs, some of my favorites were his ballads. He has a rather dominate place on our playlist. He Went To Paris - Jimmy Buffet (Cover)


Lovely tribute Mark. Not a song I know but I enjoyed your version.
Lovely guitar collection behind you too. :smiley:

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Thanks Gordon, I don’t think that it is a song that got a lot of air play. From the web: "Buffett wrote the third-person narrative “He Went To Paris” about a Spanish Civil War veteran and one-armed pianist he’d met named Eddie Balchowsky. ". I tried to convince Jen that I don’t have a problem with too many guitars (There are a couple more you cant see). I might have to do something about it so that I can keep building them though. :thinking: :sunglasses:

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Well done Mark! This is one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and one I aspire to learn. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Carolyn!

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Sounds great Mark :exclamation: Bravo :exclamation: Keep on :pray: :sunglasses:

What a nice tribute, Mark! :clap:

Smooth, nice vibe going on, great singing and playing - very well done. :smiley: No critique to add, except I envy your guitar collection a little. :rofl: :wink:

Thanks for sharing this one, Mark!

A nice tribute Mark. Not a song I am familiar with but then again I am not familiar with most Jimmy Buffet songs. Really nicely played and sung!

@BigLuc Thanks Luc!

@Lisa_S Thanks Lisa. We do seem to have a lot of musical instruments. Between the two of us we have 13 stringed instruments, but I try to remind myself that 4 were gifts, one was inherited, and 2 I built (ok I guess that counts as purchased. So I’m pretty sure we don’t have a “Problem”. :rofl:

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie. I’ve noticed that while he is huge in the US, he didn’t have as big of impact elsewhere.


A nice choice of song Mark and a wonderful tribute to Jimmy. Great playing and singing.

Really enjoyed listening to you on this one. The song definitely sounds familiar, but I didn’t re ignore it as a Jimmy Buffet song. Nice to hear it here.

And also - nice guitar collection!

Thanks Mari!

    "And also - nice guitar collection!"

I suppose if you’re going to collect something you could do worse! :sunglasses:

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Well played and well sung Mark. There’s not really anything I could comment on your technique or presence, it all sounds fine to me.

The only thing I’m missing are some rhythmic variations. The strumming pattern is more or less the same for the entire song, which doesn’t have a proper chorus either. To make it more interesting, I would stick to one strum per bar for the bridge and even some of the verses - or arpeggiate them - and switch back to the full strumming pattern for the other verses.

Thanks for sharing this less known song, that’s one more to check out. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff, my wife Jen made the same comment. She said I looked ‘Stiff’, very “un-Buffetish”. I agree. I had changed the bridge from what I had originally learned to make it more accurate(being a tribute and all), and it seems that was all I could think about.

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Very nice tribute Mark. That one popped up a few times on my shuffle mix I played non-stop for a few days after he passed. Very well done and great to hear somebody playing some of the songs that didn’t make him famous.

Easy on the ear, Mark, and a classy move to tribute a favourite artist’s passing.

I only know of Buffett from Margaritaville being shared in AVOYP, which I confess doesn’t really float my boat. Maybe some of his lesser known songs worth a listen.

That was great Mark. Was surprising to see you without Jen, and without that awesome guitar collection behind you. I’ve only ever seen you play your own handmade guitar :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed the song done in your relaxed, chilled out style. Thanks for sharing.

@frito Thanks Joe, I have often found that some of the more obscure songs by musicians can be my favorites. Especially before streaming when albums were more important. There always the songs written to be more popular, but often some other gems that were created for the art.

@DavidP Thanks, Jimmy has a few like this mixed in with the ones that helped make him rich. I did another that was actually pretty popular, but a bit more of a ballad for AVOYP called ‘A Pirate Looks At Forty’ a little over a year ago.

@jkahn Thanks JK, so far Jen has only done the OM’s with me, but we have talked about doing a few AVOYP videos together. I set up a different computer for videos so that it is easier to change the setting. We get a little cramped playing at my desk, and the guitars do make a much more interesting background. :sunglasses: I’m starting another guitar soon, so I will have to do some rearranging on the wall.

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With Justin being from Australia, we need to introduce him to “Take it Back” :joy: That along with “Jolly Mon” are a couple of my favorites.

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