September Doves - Lost Dog Street Band (Cover)

Hey there!

I’m back, back again. Discovered this song this morning thanks to Spotify and had to learn it just as I got home. Usually I practice it for a week or so before recording but today decided to do it all in one afternoon.

It was a lot more demanding than other songs I learned, being new and with the picking and strumming while singing I feel like I improve a little bit at everything everytime I play it. So here it is, bunch of mistakes to analyze but also some positives.

If you’ve seen any of my videos before, I do record it with my phone’s front camera, but finally fixed the mirror effect (yay!).

And yes, that’s my pajamas. :slight_smile:

Ayway, here’s the tune!


Hey Kevin, what a productive afternoon, this rolls along in a foot tapping way nice and cruisy. There’s some nice vocal expression there too. You look relaxed and connected with what you’re doing, maybe it’s the PJ’s. Did you wear your PJ’s all day because you were so caught up in the creative surge :laughing:

Glad you’re here

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I can see why you liked that song. I always enjoy that kind of country/folk “americana” (and it cries out for a fiddle). Nicely done! I like the lyrics, too: “shot us down like September doves” is very evocative. I immediately knew what it was getting at. Dove season (at least here in Texas) opens in September, so they kind of rain down in the fields.

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I did feel relaxed, the more and more do these little recordings the easier it gets to loosen up (or i’ll just wear PJs everytime I play) :slight_smile:

I had not even thought about that, I’m from Spain so not very familiar with some terms, although I love american music.

Yeah, he’s saying their relationship was doomed, comparing them to the doves that get shot down in September when dove hunting season opens.

Good song; thanks for posting it.

That was great Kevin. You really caught the country vibe there. Images of American freight train hobos and Nashville hoedowns!
Well done. Super boom chukka beat.

Hi Kevin, what a wonderful one-day learned one-take recorded day.
Great stuff. You’ve got a superb vibe on this.

Bravo, Kevin, some fine playing and singing. Impressive to have learned and recorded in an afternoon.

Glad you sorted out the mirror thing on the front camera, video.

Another well performed piece, Kevin. A very pretty jumbo guitar. So pretty I’m surprised anyone’s mentioning the PJ’s! :joy: