September Songs for Jeff’s Kisstory-Beth and others

Hi everyone,

This is a first go at plays raw acoustic version of Beth by Kiss. I’m thinking of playing this for the open mic coming up the end of the mon. Let me know what you think. I think it needs work, but fundamentally ok considering no amp or microphone.



Youre strumming sounds a lot more «dynamic» compared to a lot of youre previous posts Jeff. Think its improved quite a bit.
Song needs to be polished up a bit, will sound smashing if can get youre chords a bit cleaner.
But as i said… youre going in the right direction :grin:

Good base to build upon, Jeff. :+1: :clap:

Agree with Trond, your progress from the last months can be seen. As you also said, with some effort and practice, this can be something to be played at the OM. You get the feeling already, now you only need to polish these quite fast chord changes. :slight_smile:

Maybe slow down a little first, get the chords and changes nice and clean, then gradually speed it up again. That’s what I would do, if I were in your shoes. Good luck and lots of fun working on this one, Jeff! As Trond said, you’re moving in the right direction and the practice starts paying off nicely for you! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

Jeff there is no nice way to say this so I’m just going to say it. You’re either pulling your guitar out of tune or your guitar needs tuning. I know this has been brought up before on your other posts and something you need to address.
You really need to listen to what your playing.

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Thanks for listening Trond. This is really just my first practice session of the song. I’m glad you appreciate the improvement in dynamics.

Yeah. Forgot to mention Jeff. Agree with Rick, there is something that sounds a little bit out of tune…

Hi Lisa,

Vielen Dank dass dieses lied war nicht fur that🤣 thanks for listening and sharing your feedback.

Ich wunsche schone Wochenende😎

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Thanks for listening. My guitar is not out of tune. There’s no need to be nice if you think I sucked lol. I’m glad you took the time to listen. Have a great day and looking forward to seeing your next video as well😄

Hey Jeff,

As a KISS fan in my youth, I’m pretty familiar with this song. In fact this ‘oddbod’ tune in the bands collection is one of my favourites. Simple, but heartfelt.

Not a bad start, but agree with others that there a tone/ pitch issue there somewhere that permeates all your playing. Perhaps a lighter touch with the fretting hand and/ or lighter attack with the strumming hand? Not sure. It appears however, to be a consistent issue across all your videos, and with all your guitars.
Perhaps you have a guitar friend who can sight you to pinpoint the issues. I love your zest and energy Jeff, but sorry, this issue is spoiling your delivery.
I hope you’ve received these observations in the spirit they were given.
If you can knock this issue on the head once and for all, you’re going to sound 1000x better.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Shane

Thanks for the honesty tue to @jkahn s post about not sugar coating the feedback. Years ago I got jumped by a bunch of nazis in Germany and thought I got my head stomped some, but managed to break my fist on one of their heads. Years later my broken hand developed into arthritis. I can’t fret the notes correctly because of that. Maybe it’s time to hang it up and stop wasting peoples time here. I’ll see what they say on Steve Stines guitar zoom to see if it’s a unanimous rotten tomato response. Maybe guitar playing is something I shouldn’t do anymore.I’ll give it a day to see if everyone else agrees. You were not rude in any way so no offense taken😎

Hey Jeff,

If you enjoy it mate, keep it going. Thats all that really matters. I honestly enjoy your posts mate, and would miss your zest and energy if you stopped playing.

Like anything in life though, we can all improve. It’s just a matter of identifying, focusing on, and working through them. All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Jeff ,
I went here via your farewell post because I thought it was probably due to an AVOYP. It is a pity to read that you are taking all the well-intentioned advice to make you a better player take in this way .You enjoy playing so much that it would be a real shame if you stopped playing.
Don`t do that to yourself please.

I read comments like this more in your intro`s, why not post something you’ve worked hard on for 3 or 4 months (or even longer as I do sometimes) and then play something you’re completely happy with :smiley: … practice practicing and getting better is not always recording as much song as possible as quickly as possible, Learn songs Learn songs Learn song sometimes/often has to be written with very very no really very long spaces in between … Go learn 1 song for a long time and then please come back here, and in between just keep reading and commenting on the site…
Don’t slam the door too hard and I expect you to leave the door ajar.
Don’t shoot the mesengers here please.

I wish you well.


Hi Jeff,

I’m very sorry for what happened to you and do understand it probably affects your playing. :frowning:

But on the other hand I’m pretty sure, no one intended to offend you or any sort of that. Our advice comes with best intentions to help you improve and grow as a player.

I’d feel very sorry if you give up. Especially for that reasoning, it’s on us to decide whom we listen to, so it’s not a waste of time for us, but a conscious decision to listen to your posts, comment on them and trying to help. How can that be considered wasting time when we do it deliberately. :slight_smile:

Regards fretting the chords:

I hear not every chord or constellation is affected and depending on how fast you have to change, it happens more often or not. I think, this is something that can be fixed, even though it might take time and a lot of practice, but it can be done. You might progress a little slower, but with some hard work, you can overcome this. You seem to be so passionate about making music, please don’t throw it away! You will be missed here, mate!

So please, think twice Jeff.

Cheers - Lisa


Hi Jeff,
Not so smart of me that I forgot to report this yet … This is really very important what Lisa says here
Keep that in mind please.


I am right there with @Lisa_S and @roger_holland. It’s up to your listeners how they want to spend their time etc. Things may take time, but it’s far, far, far from hopeless or pointless.

Don’t give up. Roger’s posts and Dutch saying sum it up beautfully as well. No need to rush, no need to publish a lot. Just don’t give up on your love for music and guitar.


That’s a plus 1 from me regarding Lisa’s comment.

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Thanks everyone for listening.