Set Your Guitar Goals

In this lesson, we explore how and why you should set guitar goals. An essential part of practicing effectively and staying inspired! :)

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Hi - I tried to enter this comment on the ‘Goals and Destinations’ lesson, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.
Anyway, as Justin has suggested here’s my main goal.
I’m getting on a bit, so I think ‘Rock God’ is going to be beyond me. After a lot of thought, I’ve settled on ‘being able to play for my own enjoyment’.

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My mid term goal is to improvise rock solos over a backing track. I play the guitar mainly for myself to unwind in the evening. Since my childhood I’ve bee passionate about rock and heavy metal music and I would love to be able to improvise on the fly in this genre.

In order to reach this goal I have set myself the following short term goals:

  • practising scales
  • mastering the finger gym exercise
  • getting good at vibrato and string bending
  • learning licks and riffs

If anyone can think of other skills worth developing to reach this goal, I’d appreciate a comment!

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To get specific:

I want to record a song and put it up here by the end of May (maybe sooner)

I want to be able to play Hurt by Johnny Cash - with some chord joiners etc included by the end of June.

I want to have 6 camp fire songs that are recognisable, that build, and I’d be happy to play by the end of year. (A little over 1 a month)

I want to learn to add a little solo into a song.

I want to find a jam buddy and have 2 jam sessions by end of year.