Sgt Peppers album documentary on BBC Iplayer

Just watched this and would highly recommend it if you’re a Beatles fan and can view BBC iplayer. There’s a good dose of music theory in there too.


Great topic there :wink: A while ago I found 2 videos analysing Strawberry Fields Forever and how its key ended up at A half-sharp major:

My favourite story about the sessions is one mentioned in Mark Lewisohn’s book The Beatles Recording Sessions. At a session Lennon felt unwell so George Martin took him up to the roof of the studio building for some fresh air. After some time the others asked where he was, so Martin told them what happened. They rushed up for him and brought him back as John took some LSD by mistake and it could have resulted in him falling from the roof.

Also from Howard Goodall.

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I recorded this when it was on Paul. Need to watch it yet along with the final part of Get back.

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