Shadow of the day- Linkin Park

Hi everyone,

I am long overdue to post something here. For the first time I had issues dropping the pick due to the heat. It is unusually humid here today and never had that before. Maybe some type of wax to help grip. I did this song a long time ago before trying to sing and thought I would pull it out of the old memory bank and give it a go at singing too. I am still working on my timing based on Richard’s advice. I need to buy a microphone too for volume.


Hey Jeff, that was your best one yet! Great playing, enjoyed that one. What a great song, I know quite a bit of Linkin Park but hadn’t heard that one.

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Nice work Jeff. Your guitar sings, gorgeous tone and timbre.

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Hi Jeff ,
I also think like Jk that this is your absolute best…your wrist is already starting to look a lot looser during the rhythm guitar…maybe a few lessons from the funk module is a nice one to look at … d*mn difficult and one that I haven’t quite finished yet, or i so can be done well … but it has helped me a lot with rhythm guitar, rhythm and wrist flexibility … …anyway, your progress is noticeable :sunglasses:and you should be super proud of that …applause for you :bouquet:

You’ve come on leaps and bounds since your last posting Jeff. Really well played. Like you said, just a shame on the low vocals.


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Cracking stuff Jeff, looking and sounding really relaxed and into the song, bravo :clap:
Good tune too, I don’t know too much Linkin’ Park beyond radio released but I clearly need to do some exploring!

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Good steady strumming pattern and clean chords. Your timing was on point too. Well done Jeff. Regarding the vocal, I’m not sure you necessarily need a mic. Just sing a bit louder and perhaps move your phone/tablet a bit closer.

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I am with the others on this one Jeff… by far the best one you have posted. Nice strumming!!

The mic on the iphone is not that bad actually… i have Rode iphone mic. But i dont think it is that much better than the internal. So maybe just try to get closer to the mic… or, if you have one of those plugs/pods with mic that you can put closer…

Dont think i know anything about Linkin park, so i will check them out… mid 2000ish numetal band?

Smooth and steady, Jeff, looking relaxed and the overall tone sounded really good.

Vocal-guitar balance is tough when recording with a phone or a single mic through an AI. I always struggled to sing loud enough and think the Chris Liepe course helped me to improve that. Plus setting up to record this type of performance using a dynamic vocal mic and plugging the guitar into the second input of my interface. Then I record with a webcam on the PC and the OBS software.

Thanks man. Linkin Park came out in the late 90s and was famous for the angry rock music mixed with some light rap music. The later stuff was more ballads and you could tell by his songs that Chester’s depression got worse. In The End and Crawling are a couple of songs from the early days. I used to live in the same home town where Chester was from and really can relate to his struggles. Thanks for listening.

Hi Roger:

I will have to take a look at that funk module. I have been focusing on timing thanks to some exercises Richard suggested to help and otherwise not been watching new videos. I did watch Justin’ latest “Sounding Lifeless” video. It hit home that my playing was too mechanical and how I need to connect emotionally with the music. Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks David. That sounds like a good idea to help improve how I sound while recording.

and just to be clear…i’m not saying you have to do that whole course because it’s really hard…all I remember is that the practice of getting the rhythm and the shaking of the wrist ‘free from water’ at times that helped me a lot…so really only the strumming technique lesson,…but I can actually imagine better now ,that it’s more convenient to just start at the beginning and get the basic rhythm guitar done…but After a while a little bit of peeking there can of course never hurt…but really only after a while…sorry for the misleading information…have fun with the progress…

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for the kind words of encouragement. I recorded this after coming out of a brutal work meeting that I had to present performance metrics for my drug company client. I needed to get back in a good mood and guitar playing does that for me. I have been working on putting more feeling into my playing as well as playing in time. I appreciate you all taking the time to listen and share thoughts. I still have plenty of work to do. Have a good day everyone.

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Thanks Roger. Anything that will help me improve, I am all ears!

Hey Jeff, I agree with the others that was your best performance so far, you’re coming along in leaps and bounds. Well done mate.

Thanks a lot!

Nicely done Jeff. Looking in top of things as you always do. Good driving rhythm. I agree with you that the vocals would benefit from being brought up.

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A lot to be happy here about Jeff especially the rhythm as your hand was flying throughout as it should. Work ahead of you of course but I would try to enjoy this moment for a while as this is really a step into the right direction. Well done!

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Awesome mate. Looked really comfortable playing which probably means you are confortable and are on to a good thing.

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