Shallow by Groepje 09.08.2022

Wanted to share this one as well. We didn’t really intensely rehearse, but we enjoyed it and we’ll work on it until it is perfect :wink:


Fantastic performance from you both there Chris, congratulations. It’s a song on my “dreamer” list at the moment and will be a big part of grade 2 consolidation for me!
Really enjoyed that, thank you for sharing.

Wow. Very well done.

Well done, chaps. Liked your interpretation of the harmonies. And guitar playing was nice.
It’s a song I’ve tried and it has it’s challenges.

Hello Notter,
I’ve spend quite some time with the first part of the song, slowly analyzing what I needed to do, trying it out on the fretboard etc., I think you understand the routine :blush:. I wrote it down on a paper, the different chunks for the finger picking, the pauses, and so on. The second part was also tricky, as I had to figure out how to go from finger picking to picking up that plectrum fast enough to strike the first Am. I learned not to hasten it, sometimes I just use a down strum with my thumb, then I have enough time to grab the pick and continue. And the rest of the song is control of the dynamics (which one time works, a second time not so well, …, and gradually becomes more ‘natural’ :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thanks Tony!

Thank you Willsie01. Justin’s lesson on this came at the moment we were rehearsing singing the song with our choir (around 40 enthusiastic singers and a sweating conductor, who had to perform middle of last June (and by the way it went excellent :blush:)). So I couldn’t leave it at just singing the song for our choir purposes. I convinced myself I should learn it on the guitar too. Which wasn’t that easy for me, my fingers didn’t always hit the correct strings, the pauses were a mess too, and the finger picking pattern, although quite regular, was something to practice a lot too. But always fun. And happy now that I was able to post it! Wish you similar experiences :wink:

Yep understand that routine well Chris!! Shame we have to practice this stuff to get good isn’t it :wink:

Another mighty fine performance, Chris, your play sounded great and the singers sound wonderful together.

You heard 4 persons, another 2 persons missing (vacation interruptions), and we still try to get more instruments in our small group too, ooh… and a conductor or something, someone who can make arrangements for all these things, that is not an easy one I guess. Thanks for the encouragement, David!

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