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This is one of the songs we are currently practicing in our local choir, we’ll perform in May and June somewhere in Belgium. And here I stumbled upon the guitar part, just amazing! Thanks Justin and Salena for the lesson, it is now part of my daily practice routine. Maybe one day I can play the guitar part in our choir … !

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This was one of the songs that appeared briefly in the app and seems to have gone…

Thank you Justin for the great lesson and thanks to you and Salena for singing it so well…your comment about Lady Gaga Made me smile …Until recently I wasn‘t a big Fan of Lady Gaga …until I watched this movie , man can she sing indeed. Wow I will stay at the octave one floor down LOL. Salena sings ist so well bravo. And: Your lessons are the best cheers

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Thanks for great lesson!
I have one question though - in the intro/verse, at the end of the phrase, after the D chord - the 4th beat - sometimes Justin plays notes “d” on 2nd string on 4 and then note “a” on 3rd string on & of the 4th beat. This is when Justin is not singing. When he sings, the 4th beat is played differently, without the note “a” on the 3rd string. Which version is correct? I doubt this depends on person singing or not, or does it? Thanks!

@jurasek I’m struggling to figure out exactly what your question is …
Do you mean the notes played on the B and G strings while holding the D chord shape after the hammer-on / flick-off of the Dsus2?
If so then they could be taken as optional notes although paying them does fit in with the overall pattern. See video lesson around the 8 minute mark

I hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Hi Richard,
thanks a lot for the response!
Yes, correct - I mean the notes played on the B and G strings while holding the D chord shape after the hammer-on / flick-off of the Dsus2.
What I am puzzled with is specifically the last note here - note “a” on G string.
Justin is playing this note only when not singing. When he sings verse 1, this note “A” is missed. And it’s not an accident, it happens during the whole verse while singing. Time 0:24, 0:44, 0:54 etc.
On the other hand, when not singing - in the intro before verse 1, or then later when Salena sings, Justin always plays the A note again after this Dsus2.
So I find it difficult to understand this:)

In any case - thanks a lot for all work you guys are doing there, great lessons! :slight_smile:


Aha. now I see. What a good spot on your part.
Justin definitely plays this in the very first intro part:

When he is singing, he omits the last note and allows the note D on the B string ring out. And he only just brushes this D note so it sounds very quiet in the overall dynamic.
I do not know.
It is deliberate or accidental due to him concentrating on the vocal?
I do not know.
Is it essential to the song?
No, do it either way.