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Aww man, I’m missing the bit in the middle, different from the main riff!
Great tutorial. I learnt it the Dominic way, but…I accommodated some open D and A strings when I could, to ease up on barring or just crazy stretching fretting the 5th fret.
FWIW, i just uploaded a 1 min cover of this, singing the lucid dreams cover by Juice WRLD. Shape of my heart / Lucid dreams 1 minute cover - YouTube
Thanks for what you do, Justin & team. I retook the guitar some 3 years ago, after a long hiatus…and stumbled upon your youtube videos, for Last dance with Mary Jane, and Breathe. Many of the songs you cover, I find spot-on.

The video on you tube doesn’t follow the acoustic songbook. Any reason? Thanks

I can’t see how to leave a comment, other than to reply. I own the Acoustic Songbook as well and it’s not the same at all. But I’m assuming it’s just that Justin later changed his mind on how it’s played. Normally he mentions that, though. My comment is more about the move down the neck to the hammer-on A to B note on the G string, while holding down the A note on the low E. That’s more than a stretch my friend. For average hands, it’s no doable and I’m surprised that there isn’t a little discussion about it.

Hi Lewis @lews ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses: and you post it in the right way. I haven’t seen the video, but the reason it isn’t discussed much here may be because there aren’t many students in Grade 6 in this community…sometimes of course they (I do )start a song in this grade, but Grade 6 also holds in that you should be much more (or almost totally) self-learning and you would no longer have to have the entire perfect explanation and Justin would have to be a little less subtle in what he says… so maybe that`s why ??
There will come a day when I start this song and if Justin goes too far I will come back to it :wink: