Shape of My Heart by Sting Lesson

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Aww man, I’m missing the bit in the middle, different from the main riff!
Great tutorial. I learnt it the Dominic way, but…I accommodated some open D and A strings when I could, to ease up on barring or just crazy stretching fretting the 5th fret.
FWIW, i just uploaded a 1 min cover of this, singing the lucid dreams cover by Juice WRLD. Shape of my heart / Lucid dreams 1 minute cover - YouTube
Thanks for what you do, Justin & team. I retook the guitar some 3 years ago, after a long hiatus…and stumbled upon your youtube videos, for Last dance with Mary Jane, and Breathe. Many of the songs you cover, I find spot-on.

The video on you tube doesn’t follow the acoustic songbook. Any reason? Thanks