Share the JGApp from an Android device to PC to record in OBS

Hi @DavidP Sorry for the long delay. Got stuck with some work. So here’s the process I followed. The software used are free and open-source and they work on both Windows and Mac.

Needed Devices

Needed Software

  1. OBS - for recording.
  2. scrcpy - for mirroring Android screen.
  3. sndcpy - for forwarding Android audio (to capture the audio played through the JG songs app).


First enable Developer Options and USB debugging in your Android phone following the link provided before.

Now connect your phone via USB and start the scrcpy program. It looks like this in Windows and when it connects, it will show the phone screen as a “windowed” app.

Now run the sndcpy for Audio forwarding.

If it works then you’ll have your Android audio played through your PC/Laptop.

Now kindly open the OBS software. Configure your mic/webcam as usual. Additionally we want to add a Window Capture and select the scrcpy window.

Place the window on top of the webcam capture as per your preference.

Kindly hit “Record Video”, start the song on the JG app and start jamming :guitar:

PS: I have this configuration for my Blue Yeti mic.

And this is the mixture mode of Audio from PC (as mirrored from the Android device) and Blue Yeti.


I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, Swashata.

You never know, there may be somebody out there interested in doing what you were doing in which case it will be helpful.

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Awesome @DavidP I am happy to help with any issues people might face.

For iOS devices I guess the only alternative step would be to mirror the iOS device on a Mac (instead of the scrcpy) and the rest of the steps would be the same.

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Thanks for sharing, Swashata. I think this adds an extra dimension when you’re doing an AVOYP using the app as a backing track with the vocal and without the vocals. It also gives others an opportunity to see the app in action and whether it’s something they would like to try out.