Share your Favorite Fender Mustang Micro Colour (Tone) Combination/settings


I picked up a fender mustang micro headsphone plug in Amp, and am having so much fun with it!

As the title asks, What are peoples favourite Mustang micro Tone colour combinations?

A couple of my favourites are:
Amp: ’60s British(blue) / Effects: Harmonic tremolo + large room reverb (orange)

Amp: ’70’s British / Effects: Sine chorus + large room reverb (blue)

Any creative ideas?

I have one too, but haven’t played with it much. I got it to use with my son’s abandoned electric guitar. I have plugged it in to my Martin electro-acoustic to see what it would do and it seems like a fun rabbit hole to go down sometime.

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You hit the nail on the head there, it’s really fun to play around with.