Shaun from Indiana

Hello everyone. I’m a 42-year-old beginner and I’m excited to be here! I’m into metal; I listen to mostly death metal, but I’m all over the place and like many genres of metal and rock.

I played drums in a metal band back in the '90s. I was never particularly passionate about them. I mostly chose to play drums because I was the only one in the friend group that had a set (my grandma let me use hers) and was willing to learn and play. Needless to say, I didn’t stick with the discipline.

I’ve always wanted to play guitar. My grandfather gave me his guitar when I was 16. He taught me a few chords and I sold it for drugs. Kids are stupid.

Fast forward to now. I recently woke up one morning and thought about my grandfather and his guitar. I felt sadness and regret about selling the guitar and never following my passions.

This got me thinking about learning to play but I was uncertain. I felt too old. I felt like it was too late to get good enough to play the technical death metal that I love to listen to. I was talking to a friend about my concerns and he looked at me and said, “Yeah, you’re probably too old to ever be good enough to play that kind of metal.” And something about the way they said it lit a fire under my butt. I just looked over and said, “watch me.”

I bought a PRS 245 SE and a Katana Mk II the very next day.

I’m glad I found this community and I hope to learn and grow with all of you.


You’ll never be younger again than you are today. I started playing guitar at the age of 53 and 10 years later I can’t rave enough about the pleasure it’s given me. Go for it.

Hey Shaun, welcome! Spite is a great motivator isn’t it? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Seems like you have a clear goal so just go for it, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to achieve it given enough focused practice and determination. Do the beginners course to get a basic foundation and go on down your chosen path would be my advice.

Just realize that you might have to cut some corners to get there reasonably fast - if your endgame is to be able to play technical deathmetal then there’s probably not much point spending valuable practice time on fingerstyle for example. Make a list of the skills required to play the type of music that you want and slowly build them up one step at a time. You can always go back and fill out the holes later.

Hello, Shaun! You are plenty young to start your guitar journey. I waited until I was 66 before I got serious. The last 19 months with Justinguitar and this community have been amazing!
Where in Indiana are you? I live outside of Bloomington in the country. Always looking for jam buddies.

Shaun, a drummer grandma and guitarist grandfather! You come from a cool family!

Passionate about drumming or not, I am sure it gave you a lot of cool memories + great rhythm skills. So half of your guitar playing is already sorted ;). I have to admit, I am not the most familiar with death metal but I am looking forward to hearing you play some tasty riffs and shred your way over the fretboard!

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What a great story of mixed emotions. Man how cool to have a drumming granny !! Well for starters your friend may have just been trying to push your button and get you started. If he was serious, well he was wrong, you are never too old to learn and never to old to rock. You have got your self some good gear, keep it and nurture them both, they will serve you will on your new adventure.



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I’m down south near Evansville. Sadly, a bit too far away to jam often, but I do have a guitarist friend that lives in Bloomington. Maybe one day we can all jam!

Absolutely. The lesson about hitting chords on the “1” and moving your arm, I’m sure is very beneficial for most people, but I just ignored it and tapped my foot, lol.

Just go for it!
I’m over a decade older, and just started. Anyone who tells you that you can’t make music doesn’t know what they are talking about :grinning:

Picking up the guitar and following the lessons here will prove invaluable. No matter which way you take the music, the basics are always the hardest to grasp, and Justin teaches them well.

One thing you have going for you is the sense of rhythm you must have developed during your drumming.
For most of us (well, me anyway :laughing:) the rhythm is as difficult as anything else.

And as for age? Well tell the Rolling Stones they’re too old :crazy_face:

Welcome to the Community, Shaun. Appreciated reading your backstory and can celebrate that you are here now, ready to learn. Follow Justin’s Beginner Grades and on into the Intermediate and you will be able to learn the foundational skills to pursue your dream.

I’d encourage you to enjoy the learning from day 1 that is taking you in the direction you want to go. Enjoy every moment and the songs you learn to play along the way, without being only interested in the ultimate end goal. Enjoy the process and journey along the way to playing death metal.

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Hello Shaun and welcome. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh, there is nothing like being told you never be able to achieve something, to make you want to achieve it. When you do achieve it you’ll be able to go back and thank for friend for it.

Nice looking guitar.

Welcome to the Community, Shaun :smiley:

A couple of thoughts:

Your grandfather didn’t give you his guitar- he gave you his love for guitar.
Cool gift. Enjoy it.

There’s a good chance you live another 28 years to 70. That’s a year more than Jimi Hendrix’s life.
You have all the time in the world.
(Oh yeah, he did much more stupid things with drugs than you ever will :wink:)

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Hey Shaun, what a great intro. Welcome. What a cool grandma you had. It makes me wonder if grandpa with the guitar and grandma with the drums were in a band?

This is a gem. I will certainly watch you and won’t it be fun to see the friend eat his words :grin: