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Thanks Radek, I appreciate that!!

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Two months into learning & I learned the C chord this week.

However, with that opening me up to an abundance of new songs I was immediately reminded that I have to work on continuing to polish up not only the chords I’ve previously learned but also the action of changing between them all - of course, I’m aware certain changes are more commonly used than others so it makes sense to at least prioritise those for now - namely the changes that specifically take place in the songs I’m practicing.

So, it took all of 10 seconds into a new song to discover that I’ll be putting a ton of work into the changes between Em and D, Em and C, and C and D (just as a main focus - still doing all other standard practice stuff & whatnot) for the next week or two before I reassess.

I don’t expect to vastly improve these within a matter of weeks but I do want to feel more comfortable with them before introducing yet another chord (…G!).

Thanks for watching!

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This one isn’t for the squeamish… if you don’t like looking at calluses forming you may want to give this one a miss… if you’re morbidly curious like I am then you may want to give it a watch… ! :joy:

Short 6-7 minute documentary outlining the 54 days it took for my calluses to develop before settling down.

I’d sand those puppies down with and emery board, make them nice and smooth. Nothing worse than snagging a callus and ripping it off your finger.

@stitch Haha I did…! On day 38 & 40… definitely much smoother after that.

Last couple of weeks I’ve just been cycling over the same module 5 stuff… finally feel content enough to move onto module 6. Time for the G chord.

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I’ve been busy and skipped a few updates, Shawn. Extra time available today so dipping into the 10 week update. A few comments …

I think you are sound in your approach re introducing chords, songs etc. As you learn it often works to be playing songs that use chords from earlier lessons while developing ability to work with new chords.

No doubt, significant progress in both the fluency and sound of Seven Nation Army … chalk and cheese.

Do you play the riffs with a metronome? If not then a good idea to do so and would be OK to use the metronome in these recorded practice runs.

Song playing progressing well. Just don’t be in a hurry to wind up the BPM, prioritise being able to make the changes without a pause in the strumming. Not saying you have a big problem that is consistent, happens a little every now and then.

Overall I think you are doing well. I’ll be interested in your sense of things when you reach 100 hours of practice.

Keep on keeping on.

Thanks @DavidP - always providing the awesome advice!
Always massively appreciate you taking the time to do so & I always take note of it!

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Overcoming that god-forsaken guitar quitting phase…

With most guitar learners typically quitting within the first 2-3 months I put together this little pep-talk for myself and any other struggling learners out there as I fast approach the 3 month mark.

Keep at it with enthusiasm and enjoyment, my fellow learners.


You are so right and wise, Shawn. The progress you are making is evident. The more one thinks of it as an adventure, with milestones and achievements, than a linear process to reach some kind of ultimate end goal, the better I think.

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Hi Shawn - That was a very insightful video, and it’s not just a beginner’s problem. For most of us this process never ends, you never get to the point where you think ‘that’s it, I can play now’. There’s always something just out of reach, a song you can’t play etc. You are so right about the learning curve and after years of playing that curve gets very flat indeed! I have quit many times, and in one case for about 10 years, but something keeps bringing me back to the beautiful and frustrating journey we all share.
Your progress has been great, and documenting it like this is a great idea.

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Month three - now entering a consolidation phase until I feel comfortable enough to move onto… you know… the second grade & that brings.


Nice work Shawn. You are making some great progress. There she goes is a great song to practice strumming, and a good solid showing on the 6:8 time signature track . Thumbs up from me :+1:

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Thanks Eddie I appreciate that! Time to start dreading the upcoming F chord now… what a lovely Christmas present to myself that will be next month :joy:

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Hey Shawn,

Enjoyed watching your progress video mate. Looking back, I can see you’ve made a few - I can’t understand how I’ve missed them. Will have to go through them now. :nerd_face:
This forum is becoming quite busy these days, so I suppose the ‘good stuff’ like yours can often be hidden among the rising ‘chaff’.

Anyway, you’re doing exceptionally well for a few months in mate . You really are. Your structure and focus are key.
I particularly note your sense of rhythm and timing, which is very good for where you’re at. Absolutely crucial skill that is more than half of guitar playing.
Anyway, keep doin what your doing, and I’ll go catch up on a few your videos.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks a lot Shane, really appreciate you taking the time to stop by with these kind words!
Loving it all so far… so will keep ticking along for sure!

Hi Shawn, didn’t realise you were on here until I saw your last youtube comment. Just look at that very first video you recorded “way back”!

I wish I’d done a video record from when I started - could have called it “Close to End of Life With Guitar” :rofl:

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Hahah I know! Madness watching it back… I’ve just finished putting together a compilation of my first 100 hours & will be putting that up now… it feels like a year ago when I watch the first few weeks back - just just 3/4 months ago! Still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing putting warts & all out to the public :joy:


Shawn, if it is of value to you, in what ever way that may be, then keep doing it. I’d not worry overly about it being in public domain. It may be out there but relatively speaking nobody is paying too much attention :grin:

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Ahh I was only jesting when I said that - I sort of meant it more apologetically to the poor sods who accidentally click on my earliest vids & endure some of it anyway :joy: To be fair the entire online guitar community has been amazing… both on here & on YouTube… I’ve had tons of people reach out to my channel through comments or even emails offering their snippets of advice or other beginners being thankful they can watch someone who they can relate to while learning… its been awesome. Super glad I’ve done it (& am doing it!).

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