She Said She Said (The Beatles)


I hope I’m using this space correctly.

This is my first time playing music after a long long break. Everything needs to be improved but everybody has to start somewhere (and the bottom is as good a place as any).

She Said She Said

Take care and have fun.


Absolutely the right space Richard. You do yourself a grave injustice sir. Yes you have to start somewhere even if that is a restart, reboot. But you are in no way at the bottom. Well played and well sung, a pleasure to watch and listen. :sunglasses:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Richard. That sounded really good to my ears, both the playing and singing.

You may be getting back into it but relatively speaking, you are pretty accomplished from where I am sitting. I know it is all relative, but all those on and off years show.

I took moderator’s liberty and updated the Topic title. Nothing wrong with describing the recording as you like but generally speaking the song title and artist is convention here. I also edited out the reference to the title in the text that would no longer make sense.

I look forward to more songs from you and seeing you ‘out and about’ in the Community.

Hi Richard and welcome to AVoYP.
That was a great acoustic version of a song from the Beatles psychedelic, sitar period. I enjoyed the simplicity of your version.
Well played, well sung, well done.

Well done Richard. Some lovely fingerpicking and slides there. I look forward to more videos :+1:

Wow Richard….absolutely love your picking. That was fabulous!!

Thanks very much for your kind words. It’s nice to be getting back into it again.

Hi David,

Sorry about the topic title, I’ll stick to convention in the future. Thanks for your feedback. I’m hoping to get more active in and around this Community. There are many many positive vibrations here.

Thanks very much.

Thanks very much. It’s fun getting back into it again.

Thanks very much. It’s getting there … slowly and, occasionally, certainly.

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No sweat, Richard, I’m always happy to assist as people get into the swing of things.

Glad to hear it!

Not just back in the saddle but riding that horse with aplomb there Richard! Going to be great to see and hear what you have for us next! Bravo :slight_smile: :+1:

Wonderful work around that fretboard! I’m quite jealous of how great your timing is as well. And a really cool deep vocal to accompany it all! Keep it up friend!

Thanks very much. Still very new here and feeling my way around. There’s so much it’s difficult to work out where to start.

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You’re very kind. I’m hoping this is the start of something fun.

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Welcome back to playing music Richard. That was excellent and from my listen it sounds like you’ve never been away from it. Super playing and singing.

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