Shimming a saddle ideas

Hi, so I have an electric acoustic I had just perfect with heavier strings, went to a little thinner on the E and A, got some buzz, just went ahead and made a new saddle for it and all it well.

However, what would be a trick, if there is one, to shimming one side of a saddle that has to sit on one of those piezo pickup cords? I tried a shim made of wood on one side – I 've shimmed mando bridges before – but that created a “gap” between the saddle and cord, and that affected the pickup on the middle strings.

I was thinking about a layer of super glue, just looking for like .3mm, and I tested a few glues to see how hard they harden. Clear nail polish was pretty hard. Didn’t actually try that in practice though.

Is there a way this is done with those bridges? (I know if the shim I made had run the full length of the saddle it would have sounded fine, but I just wanted to adjust one side temporarily to try lighter bass strings, and the high strings height is perfect.)


If the only difference was a slightly difference in the E and A
string thickness.
A truss rod tweak would have fixed the buzz.

I’ve done this on the bottom of a bone nut. works great… build it up with a few layers of super glue, let it dry good and sand it to size and shape. it’s on the bottom so it’s not a wear point. make sure to let it dry for a few days before ya put it in or it might get glued down. not sure if this helps you any cause I don’t know what your bridge looks like or the material.


Hey that sounds like a good way, and I could go a little high and then sand and sneak down on the best height. Thanks