Short recording - part of I Want You (She's So Heavy) The Beatles


I Want You…She’s So Heavy Intro


A solid start. Excellent tone on both guitar parts. Maybe need to tighten up the rhythm just a bit.

Sounding pretty sweet, Gary! Love the tone. Can’t wait to hear more of that :sunglasses:

Cool…glad you like it! I agree with you on the rhythm track.

Thanks for the comments!


Hey there!

Thanks for your feedback on the recording.

I just need to finish it!

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i agree. this tone is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more!

This was kind of a great appetizer, Gary. As others said, what a lovely tone on this one. :slight_smile:
Makes me want to hear more of you. :+1:

I can only echo what others have said Gary. That was real nice.

That’s a very promising start :+1::clap:. I look forward to hearing more :smiley:.

Hi Gary,

Very cool start.
The first “heavy metal” song?
Look forward to the rest