Shortcuts (just found titles must 15 char min)

Shortcuts - great to have these readily available and accessible. I’ll be playing around with them and see if everything is covered or if others maybe be required. So bad terminology time, glad Keith is here to put us straight on such things.
The use if the G [key] combination felt a bit alien after a lifetime of using Shift or Alt. Is the G “thing” hardwired into Discourse. Just wondering as it does not sit comfortably at the moment but I am sure I’ll adapt

I think it is. I think the idea is that “G” is for “Go” or “Go to”.

I’ve not really explored these shortcuts yet myself, I must get around to it.



It’s for the young wiper snappers who are on their phones all the time :poop:

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@Majik I’m loving the shortcuts, have printed them out so I learn them. You probably have a brain full of them. :nerd_face: Thanks so much for your help with the YT embed advise. D’oh why didn’t I think about what that meant? I tend to turn everything off that I don’t understand or I’m not familiar with :crazy_face:

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