Should I buy a microphone stand?

I’m not sure if this the right place to ask a question about home recording and if it is not, please let me know.

I’m looking to buy some equipment to start trying recording at home. I’m a bit unsure what microphone stand is recommended, if any.
Not a recommended brand but recommended height, boom length etc.
Is it better to go for a short one or a taller? I’ve no idea and these heights and boom lengths have got me confused.
I’d appreciate some feedback if you have any experience in this.

Lefteris, I’m not the most experienced but think a mic stand is usually pretty standard. YOU don’t want to go for the absolute cheapest, want to make sure the construction is quite durable. May also be appropriate to wait until you have settled on a mic to ensure that the mic and stand are compatible in terms of how the mic is fitted to the stand.

I’ve recently purchased this microphone stand: 259 Microphone stand | König & Meyer

It’s quite sturdy and can be adjusted at 5 different points for height, angle and length.

As @DavidP mentioned, you will need to check the diameter of the connector of the microphone stand and that of the microphone to make sure you can attach them together. For example, this stand has a 3/8" connector but my microphone has a 5/8" one by default; however, there was an adapter included in the package so I had everything to be able to use them right away.

As for a recommended size, that’s really up to your needs, whether you usually play sitting or standing, etc.

Thank you for the points @DavidP and @Jozsef!

For microphone I was going to go with what seems to the standard suggestion of a Shure SM57. But I was very confused when I was looking for a stand.

That K&M looks pretty decent!

Oh think you refer to singing? My intention is to use the mic only to record my amp. It’s better for everyone if I don’t attempt singing :joy:

I would second the recommendation for K&M stands. I have used several and they are well built at a good price. The thing that tends to break first on cheaper stands in my experience is the screw threads where the legs meet the body of the stand. It’s a particular issue if the stand is set up and torn down regularly.

Thank you @gsix14. I looked at those earlier. They seem to come at different or adjustable heights and that’s what got me confused a bit.

I don’t know if this has been said, make sure the mic stand has a boom. This allows you to record yourself sitting down and playing as the boom reaches over the guitar.

Yeah agree with the boom stand. The mic will come with the adapters to fit the end of the stand.

Recently bought the Tourtech version, a bit cheaper but haven’t had it long enough to comment on longevity, seems to be fairly well made, don’t anticipate problems with home use…

@batwoman, @liaty

Thank you both for the tips.
Before asking in here I thought I didn’t need a boom but of course I was wrong. I don’t plan to sing or record acoustic guitar (at least for now…) but I can see the benefits!


If it’s to mic an amp, you can get specific shorter ones (they’re cheaper too). The full length one ‘reaches down’ OK to the amp though, I guess it depends if in the future you will want to use it for singing / acoustic stuff…

… alternatively, if you were to get a condensing mic you could just dangle it down over the amp because those mics works sideways on, but you’re always going to be able to experiment more with the positioning with a stand…

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There are some dynamic mics which would allow you to do this (i.e., drape them over the amp without a stand) as well. For example, the Sennheiser e609 or e906. You’ll always have more positioning options (especially distance from the amp and angle of the mic) with a stand, though.

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@Lefteris a mic stand with a boom gives you more options and although you may not see yourself using it right now, who knows what your needs will be in the future.

Not all condenser mics are side address, although many are, so it is important to check (with whatever mic you are using) that you have the correct side pointing at whatever you are recording.

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I’m realising that. So probably within the week I’ll place the order for the whole recording package. Wish me luck! :joy:

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I’ll go for the SM57 which I understand is the recommended one for (electric) guitar recording.


Definitely an industry standard for mic’ing an amp.