Should I do Music Theory lessons at same pace as Guitar Course lessons? Or as I wish?

I’m curious, should you do the Music Theory course while doing the guitar lessons and should you go at the same pace? For example. If you’re starting at Beginner Guitar Grade 1 should you only go so far as the white beginner music theory lesson and wait till you get to Grade 2 before doing the corresponding color lesson in music theory? Basically do them side by side at the same pace, or go on and study all the theory even if you get to say Grade 5 in theory but still in Grade 2 or 3 of the lessons. Thanks!


Hi and welcome to the Community. The Theory and learning Grades are indepenant and not intertwined regards their grading. So no harm in working through the PMT at an early stage. In fact as it is practical musical theory you will find some of the content, enhances your learning journey through Justin’s guitar grade system.

Hope that helps !



Thank you and thanks for the Welcome wishes

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