Should I have picked a easier power chord song?

I have been working on off spring self esteem. I can play it at the slowest speed on the app. I’m moving up to the second slowest speed now. Did I pick a song to hard for a first power chord song? I can play Nirvana Come as you are in the app.

It is indeed not the easiest song to start with. The original recording does have a complicated strumming pattern and fast chord changes all over the neck.

The app does simplify the strumming pattern so it’s more manageable for beginners. You could even simplify it more to focus on the chord change only.

But, yeah, it is normal that you are struggling at this stage. It’s not the easiest song to learn power chords.

Normally, there is playlist in the app with the easiest songs to pratice for each module. It can be a great starting point.


Thanks for the reply. I’m gonna look and see what’s on the playlist. Maybe there is a song I can learn and once so get that down it will make self esteem easier for me. Im gonna keep working on it though. Thanks for the advice.