Should I study the Music Theory course based on the corresponding practice grade I'm in?

I might have tweaked my wrist/finger tendons and likely need a couple days off full practice (I’ll still learn strumming and fingerstyle). Am currently in Grade 2 Module 11/12 and just completed grade 2 of music theory. Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi Ber Ta, if it starts to hurt when playing, stop! You will damage your hand and could make playing impossible. If you wish to learn theory, then take this as an opportunity. Good luck and enjoy your journey. :smiley:


When I hurt my wrist and couldn’t play. I was using the ear trainer app. And learning theory.

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The theory course is a standalone course and does not correspond to the grades/lessons in the rest of the curriculum, so I hope you enjoy your theory time :sunglasses:

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Theory is great to have in your pocket.
Stop playing when you are strained, or start to hurt, agree with @Malz .
Take care, and stay healthy!!!

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My job requires that I type a lot, that and playing guitar has led to excruciating pain in my forearm. I’m an old dog and I’ve experienced the benefit of physical therapy, so I’ve scheduled a couple of sessions to get some professional help.
If the pain does not settle down, or if it comes back when you return to your normal practice/play routine, you may want to consider seeing your doctor or a physical therapist.

In the meantime… There’s plenty to learn.
I recently realized there are a bunch of podcasts for guitar players. Who knew?

Get well soon.