Silent guitar?

What do you think of the Silent guitar? Are they any good? I am going to be traveling for work soon and staying hotels so this appeals to me.


I’ve got a silent guitar, the steel string model, and I’m quite the fan of them. The nut width is narrower than most of my other acoustic guitars which isn’t a big deal for me. Where we lived previously was a 2 story house so when I would get up much earlier in the morning and play normal acoustic guitar my wife couldn’t hear me.

We moved to a smaller single story house and that as no longer an option. Enter the silent guitar which solved that problem very well. One minor thing I noticed about it was slightly less enjoyment for me as compared to playing normal acoustic and it took me a while to figure out what that was. The lack of guitar body vibration.

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A few months ago, I went to buy an acoustic guitar and came back with a Yamaha silent guitar, acoustic metal strings style. Love it. Very enthousiastic. Can practice whenever I want. Can plug headphones in. Can plug the iPhone / iPad in so I can ear me play AND ear the song (Justins app songs) I’m playing with. Can plug it in the Princeton amp or in the cumputer. I think it would sound better on a acoustic guitar amp. Very easily transportable. Good construction. Stable pitch. Very happy I bought it. Still in love like in the first day :sunglasses: Good day!