Silly question but

Can anyone tell me which edition of the beginners songbook is current? There are so many books with the same image on the cover, admittedly all have different shades of colour, some are ring bound others aren’t , the one I have does not have the same songs as those discussed on the course .
Frankly I am totally confused ?
Good luck to all.

Regards Hue

Unless you bought your beginner 1 song book 10 years ago you have the current one.
Beginner Song Book 2 follows the old Beginner Course that has been updated with better and more lessons.
The song in beginner song book 2 the lessons are still in the Song Section of the website

All the other song book are for different style Like Rock, Acoustic, Christmas etc.

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This one is on the Justin site

I would go with the ring bound one for ease of use.

I think there were two beginner song books at one point…

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Check out this page. The colours represent the different books,

If you go to the song page on the website you can filter by song book.

You are most likely to get current edition. I’d be happy with a first edition of the beginners song book as a song or two were removed at the request of Mr Bob Dylan etc,

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I liked this page on the old website as you could see at a glance the songs and which book they were in.

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Thank you all,

Much appreciated.

If I could ask one more question. I am told by Laryne that the phone App only takes you through stages 1 and 2 of the course . Is this correct?
Though I am also confused by all the terms used Stages, Grades , Modules, lessons etc so I am not sure how much is on the phone App.

Regards to All

Hi @Hue

Yes, currently the app only covers Beginner Grades 1 and 2. Each grade comprises of a number of modules. Each module comprises of a number of lessons. The terminology stages was used in the old classic course which has since been upgraded.

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Thank you for clearing that up,

It is not obvious from any of the descriptions I have read. I would have been severely disappointed to have paid all that money and then find its so limited.

Thanks Again


Hi Hue,

Justin is currently putting the finishing touches to Grade 3. Below from Musopia is worth noting about the App:

In my opinion, the main reason to get the app is to play along to songs. This side is not limited. For each of the 14 modules of grade 1 and 2, you have about 5-10 recommended songs to play along guitar hero style. Also, there is 1000+ other songs to play along for you to choose from. With grade 3 coming soon, It can help you during your first 1-2 years of learning to get your chord changes and strumming progressing faster.

Agreed. Learning and playing along with songs is literally all I use the app for. Far more fun that playing alone, or trying to join in with YouTube videos. I use the website for everything else, since it’s updated frequently, has the practice schedule tool, and of course this excellent community.

Thanks All,

I have subscribed for 1 week in order to give it a go. I have to say the last stage of the subscription was difficult for me as it is not obvious that the password require is the google password, perhaps some more words on the relevant page would be helpful?
I am sure I will like this App and want to change my subscription to 1 year, though again it is not clear how I cancel my one week subscription to accomplish this?
Advice would be appreciated.

Thank you Hue