Sing By Travis CoverThe Foundations Of Decay by My Chemical Romance cover

Sing By Travis Cover

The Foundations Of Decay By My Chemical Romance Cover


Roland, surely a good start with both of them. Your strumming in “Sing” sounded quite lot more confident than in the Mike Oldfield song, I think. Maybe you are playing both songs a bit too slowly, but that’s your choice of course, because both of them are your coverversions :slightly_smiling_face:

Since “Sing” will always be one of my all time favorite songs, I payed more attention to your Travis song and actually listened to Travis playing various versions of the song to find something that I could help you with.

The original has this very dominant cheerful sounding banjoriff, which is obviously missing in your version. Thus the character of the song changes in your version almost by default. That’s fine and of course it’s your interpretation and your choice, but have you played around with the capo and experimented how it sounds with the capo in different frets? That could perhaps be a lot of fun to experiment with.

I also never realized that “Sing” ironically actually is really, really difficult sing. Again perhaps playing around with the capo could make the singing easier for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

There is also a moment when your melody deviates quite a lot from the original. That’s the part of the song with the “nothings”, which is in my opinion a quite crucial part of the song. Have you thought about changing your strumming pattern for this part to get more strength behind your “nothings”? :slightly_smiling_face: In the original, and esp. in live versions, percussion has a greater role here. Maybe there could be a way to convey how the character of the song is changing for a moment? Something like up and down 8th note strumming with very clear emphasis on beats 2 and 4 could perhaps work I guess? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.
My vocals do sound boring. I may record it again. What is interesting is that I made a recording on my tablet it does sound better.
Capo is on the second fret.
The mic is not loud enough when I record it or maybe the guitar is to loud.
I think it looks like I fall back into my old habit. I should focus on one song and not two when I practice them. Using the metronome again wouldn’t be bad either but I think the timing is not slower and faster in the recording.

Blowin In The Wind by Bob Dylan took me over 6 hours to practice and it was my best recording.

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Roland, please imagine me saying this with a big smile: Your singing sounds off key in certain places, that’s one of the reasons why I thought about experimenting with the capo :slightly_smiling_face:

@Lieven said a lot of really interesting things in the live club yesterday evening talking e.g. about SMART goals and working with mind maps etc. One of the things he mentioned was that - thinking about achievable - instead of working on many songs per month - why not concentrate on one instead? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure that if you invest more time on both songs, they will sound really good in the end :slightly_smiling_face:

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Liked you’re playing there Roland… think youre guitar sounded real nice.
I am a sucker for change up tempos from the original song,so to me that worked nicely…
That Travis song is notoriously difficult to sing. It is a lot harder than it seems. Think you did a fine job with it, but i aggree its out of key here and there. But as mentioned. It is a difficult song.
I feel like i have been on a long run after singing it :rofl:
Keep it up Roland!

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I recorded it again and a different song as well.
My problem with recordings is that my microphone is no loud enough. I have to turn the guitar down a few DB and vocals up much more DB.

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I think you have been working a lot on “Sing” - and it really paid off :slightly_smiling_face: I especially liked the bits towards the end (more or less beginning with the “nothings”), because then your singing sounded much better than before. Your strumming sounded good in the first version already, now it sounded sounds better :slightly_smiling_face:

With the Chemical Romance song you have a real grower… There is so much going on in the original song. I enjoyed how you took the song more onto the accustic side. Again, I enjoyed the parts towards the end most (2:32 - 3:50) when e.g. your singing sounded a bit less strained. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for bringing “My Chemical Romance” back on my horizon, btw.

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Thank you.
The original chemical romance has an piano at the intro. I also left out the bridge.
About the singing, maybe I am into the song at the end. The feeling or so. I don’t know how I should describe it.