Single String Rabbit Hole for a Merry Gentleman

So. . .not really sure where this fits category wise but at the end of the day I decided on Just Chatting because it seemed to be the most appropriate place. Hope I am not creating moderation work here.

Anyway, I fell down a single string rabbit hole this morning for about 45 minutes. . .I am attaching a link to a video that explains just what happened. I didn’t realise until I was done recording that you can’t actually see my fingers on the fretboard but given the content of the video I figured that was ok in this instance. If anyone REALLY wants to see the fingers DM me and I’ll happily cough up the missing information.

Hoping you’ll find it useful in some way. . .


I don’t know where you are on the course Jeremy, but this is great preparation for grade 3 (if you’re not already there) where Justin is always banging on about transcribing! :grinning: :+1:

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Thanks @theoldman66 Ian!! I am working on the coursen material across Grades 4/5/6 but none of this content is linear for me. So, one of my weak areas is single note playing and “soloing” so, I’ve really been focusing on that recently. In the last month or so I’ve been doing daily ear training, transcribing and playing easy melodies by ear along with other stuff (triads, etc). Yesterday morning just felt like a breakthrough because I was able to pick out the natural minor by playing the natural notes on the A string, recognise a familiar melody within that scale and THEN, with some muckin about, play it all the way through from start to finish. Quite a motivational morning. I think my efforts at staying away from the visual patterns and doing things by ear is paying off. . .slowly but surely. . .


I have had this experience many times! It is a lot of fun to dive into this kind of thing.

I did something similar in my first couple months learning with a goal of improving my targeting of notes along the fretboard. I figured out a simple tune played on probably recorder. I tabbed it out for one string and used it to help my hitting notes correctly. The song would use open G through A on fret 14. I then tabbed it out for keeping my hand in one place and using 4 strings. It was very useful for recognizing there are many ways to play a note.

I am currently working on Stella Splendens. The bass parts were not really meant to be played by a single instrument, so I am learning how to take artistic liberties to create something that sounds true to the recordings I hear and also be played by one guitar.
YouTube example 1 guitar here is a little more rhythm that I am trying.
Youtube example 2 the vocal tension here is what I hope to capture on the guitar

I really need to use this now to learn the notes like you started. great idea, just backwards from how you did it.

Enough with my stuff. Have fun chasing your rabbits. :slight_smile:

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Hi there I think that is brilliant I will definitely have ago. I am finding it a bit of a struggle but that gives me encouragement thank you

Not a rabbit hole at all until you try it in different keys and try to suss out the chords by ear. Nice learning bridge to ear training and chords in a key. :slight_smile:

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Yeah Clint @CT I was playin it this morning again in B (along the second string). I am on the road you’ve suggested here. Ultimate thing would be to come up with a chord melody version of my own. Step by step though. . . :wink: By rabbit hole I just meant that a 3 minute exercise morphed into 45 minutes of muckin around. The results were fabulous. I’ll take daily motivation like that anytime!!!

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Thanks @sequences!! I will definitely check out the links! The ear training melody thing is a great way to go!!!