Sitting in the dark

Short story long:

I didn’t get to contribute as much as I wanted to the discussions here due to being a bit down.

Had some health and job issues, so I was almost only able to practice guitar at night. So the acoustic recordings with singing rehearsal videos* had to wait.

(*to progress towards my "10 Song-set exam)

Current Goals:

I feel eager to continue the course into intermediate grades. I feel I practiced a lot of the 3rd grade stuff already while learning songs.

As a kind of exam I will use the “10 Song set” lesson and instead of playing it in front of a live audience, I will attempt a one-take recording and post it here for accountability.

To consolidate some more and find flaws before attempting the set I will make a single take of each song, starting with simpler ones and integrating learnings of each recording with the goal to have an acceptable performance of each song to play in a set.

  1. Stuck in the middle with you
  2. Mad World (C1 fingerstyle)
  3. Thrill is Gone (C2)
  4. GoodRiddance (Time of your Life) (Stuck Chords)
  5. House of The Rising Sun
  6. Stand by Me (2 Barre Chords)
  7. Fly Me to the Moon (3 Barre Chords)
  8. Crazy little thing called love (2 Barre Chords, Sus4 Chord)
  9. Sunny Afternoon (1 Barre and Slash Chords)
  10. Sitting on the Dock of the bay (All Barre Chord (except Bridge))

A pretty rough, spur-in-the-moment track. Inspired by a loop I play in the improvisation part of the practice routine.

All layers are pretty much a first take over the one loop with 3 guitar layers.

Maybe I’ll expand it into a real song with more than one progression and think of more poetic than silly lyrics and more “appropriate” drumming.

But for now, here it is relatively raw, almost like my first try at a live looper “performance”.

:v: :orange_heart:


Hey Marcel!

Nice 1st post with the looper! I enjoyed the vibe & found it pretty cool! If you think it’s a “keeper”, bring up the vocals a bit, they’re getting lost in the mix… overall though, nice job!

Coincidentally, the other evening I was ready to go to bed, turned off all the lights & picked up my guitar to play for a couple of minutes to practice by feel… it was almost pitch black & while I was strumming myself into sleep mode I was wondering if there’s a song called “Sittin’ in the Dark”!!! Now, 2 or 3 days later, you post one!!! Funny World :earth_americas: isn’t it?!?!?


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Hi Tod!

Thanks for listening and the feedback. Through my speakers and headphones, I thought the voice was too loud, maybe self-consciousness.
Albeit in this case maybe it’s better that the vocals get lost a bit, they’re a bit stupid and often pretty croaky…

Funny story about sitting in the dark and that you do that literally. For me it was more a metaphor for the night and mindstate and kind of a parody of “Sittin’ in the morning sun”, but it came to my mind too; it would be an interesting literal picture of someone playing in the pitchdark to himself.
Could also be a good exercise to practice looking less at the fretboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work with the looper Marcel. Enjoyable but it did sound a little busy in there are times but I’m not sure what to suggest to sort that, sorry.

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