Sixteen Tons (Acoustic)

Cover of Sixteen Tons (just guitar & vocal). Recorded in September 2020.

Sixteen Tons (SoundCloud)
Sixteen Tons (Dropbox/WAV)

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I wonder if this was posted as I don’t recall it. No matter as this is another good one. You are getting a good tone on your guitar. How are you recording that?

Keep rock’n,

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Glad you are sharing your recordings here in the new home, JWC, your collected recordings are a treat.

If I may, perhaps a single post with the back catalog is worth a consideration. I think there may be a surge of new Topics created here, and a single Topic in this time of transition may help to manage that volume.

Yeah, it was posted on the old forum, but it was some time ago. Glad it was new for you!

It was recorded with two condenser microphones. One was positioned near the neck/body joint and panned hard left. The second was positioned near the bridge and panned hard right. The “left mic” has its reverb effect panned hard right and the “right mic” has its reverb effect panned hard left.

Uh…I just finished posting the back catalog as single posts… :flushed:

I was planning on making an “index” in my road case (kind of like what I had on the old forums).

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Well I can’t argue with your recording method as it came out very good on my end. Though I would have thought you might run into phase issues. If there was any phase problems, I did not hear it. Good stuff, for sure.

Great rock’n,

You certainly can, but if you’re careful with the mic placement you can avoid them. The main thing is to keep the microphones the same distance from the guitar.

Sounds good. It almost makes me want to pick up my acoustic again

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Thank you. In the past couple years I’ve found myself playing a lot of acoustic.

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So glad you brought your recordings over, there are some real gems to be heard and all good quality ones at that. Enjoyed hearing this one again.



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Thanks, Toby. Fortunately it was pretty easy to bring them over. At some point I’ll probably make an index in my road case, but I haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

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