Slide Away - Oasis (Acoustic Cover)

Getting my first post in the new community! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I’m back after my Bo Burnham cover, which was a pretty “unknown” song and relatively new, so this time I went for something different.

This is a song from their first album that really blew me away the first time I listened to it, but the version that made me love it even more was one with just Noel Gallagher and an acoustic guitar (Chicago '98 if you’d like to check it out on Youtube).

It’s a very different aproach because although I’ve done the same as always (practise it for a week and post the first recording) it’s a song that has been so many years stuck in my brain and knew pretty well.

So that made it much easier to get comfortable with it, but I can already spot some blunders, I usually screw up because I’m nervous but this time I believe I got distracted and started playing through the motions at times.

The voice is also a work in progress, I believe Noel plays it with a capo to work with his super high voice but I decided to give it a try like this.

As always, recorded with my phone so the video/audio quality is what it is ;D

Hope you enjoy it and any tip/criticism is welcome


That was most enjoyable, Kevin.

Your guitar playing is smooth, relaxed, and you threw in the picked notes without missing a beat, without looking down at the right hand. Lots to like.

You are doing well in the singing as well. Lots of dynamics. And the held note at the end seemed to go on forever.

No tips on the performance. I’d just suggest having a look at your phone camera settings as it looks to me we have the mirror image in this video. Doesn’t make any real difference, but just feels not quite right to me.

Bravo, look forward to more.

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Hi Kevin,
Nice job on this… Good play and vox, all around. Pretty good phone recording too.

Hey - That guitar looks big, is it a jumbo?

Keep rock’n,

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That was really great stuff Kevin.

Nice singing and playing. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Well done Kevin, you’ve made a great entry into the new platform.

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Thanks David, glad you enjoyed it! I’ll have to check it out, it does feel a little weird :confused:

It is! The good ol’ Epiphone Jumbo, first guitar I have this big and takes a little bit to get used to it but loving it.

Wow, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Cheers battie :bat:

That was great, Kevin. Good rhythm, and I loved how you “got into” the song while performing it. That always elevates a performance, in my opinion.

Boy, that’s a nice-looking jumbo. I’ve been mostly playing OM-sized guitars, so it looks massive to my eyes!

This is a great song. I’m aware of Oasis, but I never bought any of their albums, and I hadn’t heard this song before. I’d like to learn it. One of the things I love about these forums is being introduced to new music and getting inspired by it. Your post definitely did that, for me!

I can relate to “voice being a work in progress,” but I think you sounded fine, here. There’s room for growth and development, but you sang with confidence and emotion, which is critical. I’d encourage you to keep singing, and even to work on singing while thinking of your voice as an instrument that you can practice. Singing is like anything else: the more you work at it and do it, the better you get.

One thing I’d call out is the somewhat abrupt ending of the recording. I find intros and endings to often be the hardest part of the song to “get right” (mentally, if not technically). You might think about the ending of a given performance, maybe with a ritardando, and let the final chord ring out and slowly die before hitting the stop button.

Anyway, well done. I enjoyed that.

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Thanks for your words, glad you enjoyed it and discovered a sond you’d like to learn, that’s what this is all about!

And I’ll keep thst last tip in mind, the beggining and the end of a performance do make a big impression.

Nice one Kevin, keep them coming! :+1:

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Nicely done, Kevin. Lots to like about this performance. Voice and guitar.

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Wow, this was awesome man. I’m a huge Oasis fan and have been trying to learn this myself – love the picked notes and your vocal and sense of timing is really good and true to the original.

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Oh yeah, you had that EJ200 hummin’. Well done. I think that’s the same guitar that the guy on Oasis plays (and I do too).

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Very solid performance Kevin, great debut in the new house ! :sunglasses:

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Not too familiar with this Oasis song, but great job!

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Nice job Kevin nice version of the song and the singing was fine.

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This is awesome buddy! You are extremely solid with your strumming, and your chord changes are great. Even with the little ornamental parts of picking the notes, you stay pretty well on time! I don’t care if you aren’t a “singer” or whatever, I’m just super proud of you for doing the WHOLE song AND singing it. Not a lot of people do that these days.

Now, my singer, who’s classically trained, she listened to this with me and she said this: “He has such a profoundly robust and beautiful tone for his voice. It’s rounded and deep and has a great sound, and I love it. If he just practiced singing scales with a piano, he’d have an incredible singing voice!”
She really liked the timbre of your voice a lot man! Great work!! So proud of you. I enjoyed this all the way through, and great work on the dynamics and the ritardando at the end!


Terrific effort there Kevin. Sounded great, really relaxed and confident.

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Hi Kevin,
a great choice of songs for a cover, very beautiful.
and executed perfectly too.
By the way, a wonderful Epiphone, sounds great!

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Wow, thanks so much, this comment made my month. I’d like to spend some time trying to practice my voice, when I’m learning covers it usually takes a while to warm up and get comfortable with it, and since singing & playing is really what I want to do with the guitar I should :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for the kind words and the useful tip to practice scales!

And thank you to the other users as well, I’m glad you enjoyed this and I could bring to the song the vibe I intended to.


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