Sliding chords kills sustain

I am working on a riff that involves moving power chords around and I’m struggling with keeping the sound ringing for the full movement; one string or the other (or sometimes both ) stops vibrating; Even slowing it down I can’t seem to identify what I am doing wrong, but it seems to happen while going over a fret.

If I fret a single note and move it It sustains no problem so I guess it’s a technique issue. Anyone experienced the same ? any tips?


Try pushing down “too hard” when fretting the notes and keeping that pressure on while sliding. That should work. Then do it with slightly less pressure and then slightly less. I can’t think of anything else it would be except that you are unknowingly lifting a finger too much OR another finger is dampening a string.

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I feel like I stated the obvious but I couldn’t think of anything else.

I was (and still am) having the same issue with the strings dampening more than I’d like when sliding up/down. I agree with the above advice about changing your finger pressure when sliding. I noticed that both pressing too hard and pressing too lightly when sliding reduces sustain. I did what WonderMonkey suggests a few months ago until I found the best pressure for me. Now, I’m working on programming my brain and fingers to use this pressure repeatedly.

Of course, adding more gain (assuming electric guitar) helps too, but, just like hammer-ons & pull-offs, my goal is to have a good balance of volume between picked and slid-into notes.

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Michael @WonderMonkey - it wasn’t obvious to me! Thanks for sharing your insight. And thanks to @pozz for posting the question.

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well it makes sense, I will give it a go thanks!

funny how the answer seems to always be: practice more :sweat_smile:

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