Slow Blues for Christmas

It’s that time of year folks. Things are winding down. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, happy new year and great holiday season. Thanks JG community, your support and kind words have really helped move me forward in my guitar journey. I appreciate your friendship!

On to matters at hand. Closing out the year with a slow improvisational blooze track with my newest guitar, my cherry burst strat-o-blaster:


Same for you and yours, Clint.

I’m on a mobile device so can’t treat myself to a second listen at the moment. I did notice the strat style guitar, sounded sweet.

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I should be working but I would rather listen to slow blues for Christmas. Thanks!

Thanks @DavidP ! Your support is really next level, and greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I used for tone on this one:

  • Monoprice strat
  • Ditto playing the backing track into the FX loop
  • Forcefield compressor-Dark Matter Distortion-Analog Delay-Reverb
  • Monoprice 15w amp
  • Shure MV88 iPhone mic
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Sounding good, Clint!

Man !!! Clint stole Santa’s axe !

How laid back was that, super mellow CT. You and yours have a good one.



What a great way to close it out CT. It’s all about guitar and you’ve done a great performance of it here. :+1:

An early Christmas present from Clint, super nice! Loved the tone and really great looking strat, shining into the camera. Merry Christmas to you and yours! :clinking_glasses:

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Right back at ya, Clint!
Beautiful sound as always.

That’s just beautiful.
Merry Christmas to you.

Your newest suits you so well. Thankyou for sharing the gift of your music, your observations and friendship.

Wishing you all things good Clint.

Cool, mellow, laid back……all the usual adjectives apply here Clint.
Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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What Santa relaxes to after his hectic 24-hour global round-trip.
Slipping off those boots, aching feet, cold cheeks, pouring a warming glass of a cheeky wee tipple and hitting the mellow button.
Seasons’ Greetings Clint.

Always a treat to listen to your playing, Clint. Happy Holidays!

Man Clint, between the beautiful slow groove and the candles, I just wanted to pour a glass of eggnog and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum or a cup of Bailey’s and coffee and chill out. That was wonderful. Merry Christmas - I hope it’s amazing.

That was awesome Clint!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Under the tree and what would appear? Nothing by a nice red strato! Nice… can’t ask for much more than that. Nice tone and play, gotta love it that way.

Hope you and yours have a good holiday season and be rock’n well,

Ah man that’s beautiful! Big fan of your mellow jams and the tone is on point as always. Merry Christmas and warm wishes to you and yours Clint!

Having me a second listen this morning, Clint … inspirational.

Loving how the ease of being able to drop in a picture, leads to you adding that view of your pedal-board to go with the description of the signal chain.

That took me away. Relaxing and inspiring. All the best :slightly_smiling_face: