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Does anyone have any tips for the thumb barre on the c# minor?

I don’t get how I press the 4th & 5th strings without killing at least string 3. Is it just practice practice practice? Feels very impossible!!! Reckon it’ll be a lot easier to just not play the barre and do the fancy stuff the thumb on the bass is enabling.

To answer my own question (can’t believe I’m still at this song 8 months later!) it seems most just don’t play the 5 string. In Justin’s lesson on thumb over the top he says the same although does say it’s possible to use one finger to fret both the 4th & 5th, maybe something I’ll try in 10 years time.

Does anyone know what the tab would be for 12:37 - 12:41 ( How to play Slow Dancing In A Burning Room on the guitar - YouTube)?

I spent countless hours trying to work it out. No doubt I will continue to spend many more hours but feels like I’m a long way off figuring it out.

Hi Leon just saw this post and I think I can help. So in terms of wrapping around - you need to hold the neck like a bat quite tightly which will give you an extra length of your thumb reaching out to E string, then how I am playing it around is using fingers 3rd and 4th for 4th and 5th string and barring with first the rest but mainly focusing on G B strings. I can do it now with only 3rd finger fretting 4th 5th string or fretting 5th or 4th while muting another one but started with using both 3rd 4th finger.


You are sliding to C# minor only with 3rd finger on D string, follow with 1st finger G string and hit the whole chord slightly muted.

Then you sort of play around with 9th 11th finger on G string, slide your third finger from 11th fret G string to 13th fret and quickly playing with 2nd finger 12th fret B string, then again 13th fret G string, slide down to 11th fret, flick off to 9th and up to string D and fiddle with frets 9th 11th strings G and D. I am not at my PC so it’s hard to properly write it down I hope this helps a bit.

Basically Justin plays around with C# minor pentatonic scale here and this lick was shown in his blues study, check out Lick 4. This connects two patterns with each other check the video below and you even have tabs for it, in this song it’s the same lick but phrased a bit differently :wink: hope this helps!


Brilliant, thanks for the info.