Small amp for passive speakers to be used as monitors

I realize that actual monitors are a better route but I already own a set of pretty nice (but old) satellite speakers with a sub that were intended for home audio. I think a small in both physical size and wattage and these speakers would be cheaper and good enough for my use. Looking for recommendations from someone who has used or still uses such an amp. I have a spare old home stereo amp but its huge. I would like to find something about the size of a focusrite solo.

I used an amp like this for a sound system in my old GF’s massage studio, and it had way more volume than necessary.

Amazon sells all kinds of these. Some with Bluetooth built-in, some with separate subwoofer channels too.

Something like that is likely what I will end up using. I am considerng trying a small car audio am first, simply because I have one that has been collecting dust for a few years. I also have a 12V power supply. My supply is a low-watt supply but I think it may be ok for the volume levels that I would want/need.

thanks for the reply, its nice to know that at least one person has had some luck with those little amps. I don’t trust a lot of Amazon reviews after some negative experiences with some highly “reviewed” products.