Small, cheap guitar

I currently have a full size fender acoustic and an Ibanez electric guitar. Clearly I need more guitars :wink: so……
Actually I would really like something small to keep upstairs in my house, I spend quite a bit of time waiting around for piano students and would probably get another couple of hours a week in if I could get a little guitar for upstairs.

I have a few questions really:

Would practicing on a 3/4 guitar actually help playing a full size one?
I can get quite an achey left arm if I practice too much would a smaller guitar help?
Any cheapish suggestions for something suitable (under £200)

Thanks in advance.


What sized Fender Acoustic do you own? I have a concert sized CC-60S that, while full sized, feels much better to play than a dreadnought. I have no experience playing smaller scaled guitars but I do know that my concert sized helped a lot with achy arm.

Why not get a full sized parlor guitar? Much much smaller depending on what sized you’re used to. If you like your fender, their parlor (CP-60S) was really nice when I tried it out at a store and should be around your price range.

I’ve got a fender CC size. I may well get a parlour one but I’d like to know if a 3/4 may enable me to practice for longer without and aching arm too. It’s my left arm that aches, not the right.

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Hmm, I’m assuming the aching then would be due to stretching out your left arm while fretting? The average scale length of the 3/4 guitar is smaller still than even a parlor so if it’s the stretching out your arm that’s is causing the aching than the 3/4 will def help.

Again, I’ve no experience with 3/4 sized guitars but I can’t imagine it not helping you get better at playing the guitar in general. The only thing that would happen is you’d have to get used to the size when grabbing your larger guitar. I know smaller scale guitars are really popular used as travel guitars or just guitars for people with smaller frames.


Hi Liz:

have a Fender acoustic as one of my first guitars. The full body feel is awkward to play and not my first choice. I prefer Fender for electric, but no so much for acoustic. I would recommend acoustic-electric guitar as an option, because they are usually smaller than a full body acoustic. That might give your arm less of a stretch. The best guitars for this are made by Taylor or Martin. Even the mini guitars are wonderful quality and your fingers will glide up and down the fretboard. Those cost a little more than 200 pounds though. For an economical quality guitar, there is a Japanese guitar company called Takamine and their lower end guitar is called Jasmine . I bought one of those (S35 Acoustic) for my daughter a few years ago and end up playing it myself as a backup. The quality is good for the price. I have a Takamine 12 string acoustic as well, and the sound quality is excellent. The cost for the Jasmine is around $130 US, not sure if cheaper in UK. I I hope this helps.



Sorry for the typos. It bothers me if my grammar and spelling is not perfect. It is still early in the morning here in the US.

How about this:

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@LizW Here’s a chart of the different body size guitars come in.
don’t buy a 3/4 or travel guitar, the are not just small body guitars they are small all over guitars.

I have 6 acoustic guitars and the one I grab the most often to sit around and play is My L00
I recommend you go too the music store and play some 00, 000 and OM size guitars.
Pick the one that fell and sounds the best.


There’s two that I can recommend having played both of them at the shop!
Get yourself off to Guitar Guitar and have a look at these two:


The only other one I think might be OK is:

These are a lovely all solid wood small guitar by a well respected maker, well worth a look see!


Thanks everyone. :smiley:


If at all possible, play the smaller guitar as much as you can before the actual purchase. I bought a mini maton thinking it would be suitable because of it’s smaller size and I was really underwhelmed with it’s volume. Great plugged into an amp, for me, very disappointing unplugged.


try a parlor. they are smaller guitar s but habe a great sound. I have one and its always handy.

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I would be careful with the Traveler style guitars. I have a Travelcaster which I got after trying out some of the other models.

If you need something that portable, then they are great. But there are some compromises compared to a normal guitar.



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Hi Liz

I keep upstairs and play a little each day on a Yamaha ‘silent’ guitar. Although it is full size it is very light. It also has a built in amp which makes listening on earbuds easy.

Elsewhere I use a Fender Stratocaster. Same size but much heavier.



Gretsch Jim Dandy is a popular choice for a parlor guitar, as far as I know.


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In the UK you can get them from Amazon for less! I wouldn’t go that way though, you can only play open chord really!

Yeah, this is no good for me, I’m doing barre chords now and need the whole neck to move around.

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Did you have a look at the three I pointed out or are they a bit more than you want to pay?

Yeah they are a bit more and I notice I can get the parlour version of the guitar I have for £170. Will just have to try some out when I can next get to the shop.