Smaller font/logos for main subjects? (Adi_mrok)

I am using phone for now, works okay but perhaps smaller font/logos for main subjects?

Just to add up to this subject - I like how it looks on desktop, I think mobile version should be similar. No need for subcategories on mobile, makes it look a bit wonky IMO.

Being an old luddite I don’t use a lot of phone apps but layout seems OK as it is and font size looks good, even without my reading glasses. :face_with_monocle:

Interesting request, we’ll need to see if that is possible out of the box and test with it.
Custom tweaking/coding will require more assessment, especially if new release owuld roll it right back.

If you have Android app try switching between desktop and mobile view and have a look at the main page, see if you share my opinion and if big icons alone don’t look better :relaxed: