Smart watch metronome app

Hi folks , ive recently found that there is smart phone metronome apps available , ive found that its making it a lot easier for me to use compared to normal metronome apps , ive found my timing is coming on loads , i found listening to normal 1’s was driving me nuts ! And just stopped using them , if any1 hasnt used 1 and is struggling to use a traditional type metronome , i highly recommend trying 1.

There are several for the Apple Watch. Which one are you using?

Hi, its the fitbit sense i have , and only 1 compatible app available at the moment ,its basic , but keeps me where im meant to be :slightly_smiling_face: it almost makes me feel like buying a different watch 2 get a more dynamic app, but i’d probably rather upgrade my guitar 1st , however this is all wife dependant :thinking::joy: