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Thanks for the lesson Justin - when adding the bass beat strum (low E string 3rd fret-G), you say use your thumb…only your thumb? (where does the pick go? I"m holding it between my thumb and first finger) or is the bass done with the pick? Thanks again Justin.

I feel as though Justin explains the mechanics of fretting the notes regarding the riff but he doesn’t ever say which notes he is playing and whether or not he is fretting a power chord or whatever. He just says that he is at the fifth fret and also the third fret, but detail beyond that is lacking. I need to know the chords involved, and just looking at the tab which I pay for isn’t helping me because I’m still a beginner.
There isn’t enough details in his explanation of the riff. Please help!

How do Jeremy,

For the main riff, you are only ever playing 2 strings at a time. A and D or D and G.

The two notes played are the root and fifth. It’s like you are playing the power chord but without the lowest root note.

So main riff would be:

G - A# - C, G - A# - C#-C, G - A# - C, A# - G.

For the C# to C, I slide up rather than strumming twice.

Thank you so much for your fast reply. I really appreciate it an answer to this question as I have been looking around on the Internet for a good solid riff of this song but as everyone else knows there’s like 1 million different versions of this same rift, but none of them sound right. So thank you very much for your reply.

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