Snark tuners suck

The main point here is old snark tuners are fine but new ones are not

Thanks @RobDickinson, yep that is the point. It seems plenty of people just read the title and not the actual post. New snark tuners are SLOW and make tuning painful. My one is, as are the others I tried in shops.

I’ve since had the Fender tuner arrive and it is great - also a couple of dollars cheaper than the snark!

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Sadly doesnt look like these are for sale in my country

Ah that’s unfortunate, I though Peterson was global. Here’s a pic of the clip on I use. It’s very well constructed compared to the others I’ve tried.

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I can prob import it but that always gets complicated and expensive for something we ave a bunch of alternative for

Good informative thread here.

I too have a snark.

only negitive comments I have about it is.
imho, it eats batteries pretty good. Granted, I use it often.
I also find that when I tune with it. That tuning may be slightly off.
What I do to remedy that is to just go up a couple of frets and see where that note is. If it’s sharp, I’ll detune a bit. I go back and forth between a fretted note and the open string finding the happy medium.

I also confirm all is in tune by playing a chord or two ( C chord to me is real revealing as to whether I’m in tune or not). If something sounds off, I go find it. I spend a short time doing it this way and I seem to always end up in real good tune.

What I will say is.
Since I’m older. I learned to tune by ear compared to a piano. That’s great ‘if’ the piano is in tune. But it was always hit and miss that way I felt.

I feel real happy with my snark or any other tuner would be fine too. Compared to the way I had to tune in the 70’s.

Life is easy now. :slight_smile:

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My Snark simply fell apart. It separated from the clip and became nearly useless. I bought a Peterson Stoboclip HD and a case for transporting it. It’s one of the best musical investments I’ve made.

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Had a d’addario but wasn’t too enthousiastic about readability.

Became a TC Electronic polytune a long time ago, both the pedal as the clip-on. never went back.

I use 3, the Boss App on my phone, an old Snark that I’ve had for about 10 years and a Peterson stroboclip; out of them I think the Peterson is the most accurate but requires more patience and attention to get it spot on. Then my old trusty Snark, it’s fine for practice has reasonable accuracy but you can tell the difference between it and the Peterson. Finally the Boss App, it’s ok but I find it’s very sensitive to external noise just like most of the Apps, it’s a last resort backup for me!

Hi there,

I know this is an old thread now, but my third snark tuner just bit the dust. It seems they have a 6 month life expectancy. Did you ever come up with a good alternative? Tired of replacing this junk tuner.

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Hi Jeff, yep I bought a Fender one. Slightly cheaper than the snark and it is great. Highly recommend it.

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Thanks for the quick response :sunglasses:

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Hey Jeff, I have a couple PolyTunes by TC Electronics. I realize they’re comparatively expensive, and they use a battery…but my batteries each last over a year (actually, I’ve never replaced one…maybe I should!). I recently realized how much I love them as I was visiting various guitar shops and using the tuners they handed me. The PolyTune has very fast response! Just my $0.02.

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I use a Korg sledgehammer - more accurate but more expensive. I far prefer it to the snarks I have

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Thanks for the tips.

Is the tuner you bought this model Fender fct-2

@Jwaters It was this one: Flash™ 2.0 Rechargeable Tuner | Accessories

That looks good, accurate?

edit - and out of stock everywhere anyhow

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Yep. Fast, accurate and cheap. $35 Aussie dollar bucks from Mannys over here.

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hmm still not convinced I need one but its tempting… !

And Mannys dont ship int

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