So frustrating today

While this tip is helpful when practising the most basic form of time-keeping, there are a whole bunch of other uses for metronome.

e.g. You may halve the tempo and have the metronome click only on beats 2 and 4 and practice that way.

Or only on the and of 1 and and of 3.

How about putting it only on the ‘a’ of 4 every other measure?

There are metronome apps that can randomly skip the click of the metronome with a certain chance.

Or it might be hard to find a drum track that has 7/4 and 5/8 measures back to back on a loop but with a metronome app you can.

These and an infinite number of sorts of metronome practices can immensely improve your timing in ways that drum tracks can’t quite do.

That’s hilarious.

Metro Gnomes do look just like you say. Yet, obviously they are living in metros, trams and subways. There were some discussions about the naming, but the Metro Gnome union was most powerful, so that name it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though, metronomes or metronome apps are really useful. I still remember when I got my first classical guitar almost 28 years back. It had been a birthday present from my mother and my sister. Someone in the music store had told them that they should also get a metronome, so they did. I still remember what it looked like, blue metal-shiny plastic and you had to insert batteries. It came without any kind of instructions. Meaning, I turned it on exactly once. It made click click click sounds at different speeds. So what, I thought, turned it off and put it somewhere never to be seen again.

Starting my guitar journey anew with JG in May this year, I have been using a metronome app almost from the very beginning or at the latest when I started Strumming SOS 1. I have to say I love it. There is something so relaxing and meditative, practicing a random strumming pattern at random BPM for 5 to 10 minutes :slightly_smiling_face:

The app I am using also lets me choose drums instead of the usual monotone metronome sound - and within the drums setting, I can then select which sound I want to hear. I could e.g. set bass drum for the accent on beat one, use high-hat for beats 2; 3;4 and cymbals for all “and”. There are many combinations possible, just choose what you like. For me that makes learning new strumming patterns -perhaps even unmuted - much more fun when there is the added challenge of playing along with the metronome. In the long-run this will hopefully also improve my timing.

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Lots of great comments in this old thread and I have experience the misbehaving metronome many times in the past…my timing is always spot on. Anyway, after the divergence into the realms of Metro Gnomes, I thought I’d share my Studio Gnomes. Absolutely useless at keeping time ! :rofl:


Have you been to Finland @TheMadman_tobyjenner? :smile:. Your gnomes look almost exactly like the saunatonttu (sauna gnome, meant to keep from the evil spirits out of the sauna) And yes, useless… My gnome just looks happy and does absolutely nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

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What a cool name. These are more likely “Xmastonttu” as I hijacked them after Christmas.
The one on the bike is never happy ! We’ll have to call him Grumpytonttu :rofl:

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Christmas gnomes do exist here as well of course. One Christmas gnome = joulotonttu ; several Christmas gnomes = joulutontut

I do like the attitude of your biker gnome however :grin:

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They look like they could keep up with Tony tempo


He keeps me straight when I’m recording. I’m not sure if he’s saying “one take” or “that sucks” :rofl:

Isn’t that obvious? He is saying the word corresponding to his hand gesture, then he adds “… that’s good”. After that he will speed off into the French sunset, only to return after some hours hoping that you would fail next time. This procedure continues and continues. Very frustrating for the little guy. I suppose the nickname “grumpy tonttu” is well deserved :slightly_smiling_face:

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