So kids in to guitars

Friend at work little boy nuts about guitars, he does have one not sure what.
Make like it one that don’t make to much noise, what’s just about right for him.

I get a drift he asking me where he needs to point his son.
Not got a clue on kid guitars, see many doing at 6 years old what I wish I could do now.

Option me show him somethings not that I know a lot?
Online learning hmm online and kids not sure he go for that, It’s a weird world.
Paid for lessons 1 to 1 lessons, Hmm he likes his money that idea would be out the window.
Or do I just send him here to Justin Guitar, the boy about 6 I think.
I remember about the same age wanting to learn the piano, my dad got a piano and sent me on lessons 1 2 1. No songs just learning something about tag poles on a sheet, I lost interest and the piano got sold or something like that. Hard to remember all the facts I was very young lol.

Any pointers would be great, thank all

Hello! Three or so decades ago I got an Austin 3/4 size Strat for my then 12 YO daughter. It still works like a champ and they still have a decent price. My grandson is starting to play it now and she plays the bass. There are also small acoustic, but sorry, I never looked in to them.

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Hello, this is my ‘children classical guitar’.


The size seems to me right for a 6yold child to hold it confortably, it is too big for younger children to be at their ease with it (I teach in kindergarten, that’s
how I can observe this, they always prefer to have the ukulele). For that age an ukulele might be a best option, it’s smaller and way easier to learn…also ukes have such a joyful sound! And Justin has a really super easy Mum and Dads Uke Course so that the parents can introduce the instrument to their child.


I was in a guitar shop recently (dangerous, I know!) and saw a 6 string ukulele. Something like that might be a great start.

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