So stoked my bro got a bass guitar

So we been fiddling around with it and he already knows how to follow me on every breath you take. We are both learning together but I’ll have to post a video so cool!!!



Oh that’s cool and an interesting path to explore a bit of theory is well!

That certainly is awesome Byron. I imagine it’s great fun learning along with someone else you can jam with whenever you like. My Wife has my old beginner guitar and has made a start, but is very on and off with it… we haven’t done any jamming yet.

Isn’t that so fun and satisfying? It’s great to have a jam buddy!

Playing bass opens another dimension, it’s really cool and interesting. OK mine is a Ukulele bass but it does the same things.
I like to experiment with using power chords and triads on it to ‘thicken’ things up; it sounds amazing. Go for it bro’ it’s fun!


Thanks guys!!! Hes jamming on it as we speak lol


Nice! Being able to play music with your brother must be amazing! :grin:

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Now he can be the flea to your frusciante :grinning:

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