Sober October

Awesome! Sounds ideal, wish I could join you! Good luck! (but not too much luck :wink:)

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Yeah. It’s the carnivore diet I’m on. For life. And I love it.


Sober implies one can still drink as long as they’re not drunk.
Sober October implies that all other months normal people are drunk all the time…
What am I missing?

Im 10 weeks cigarette free today and there is no way Im going to try and give up my red wine just yet, lol.
Good luck to everyone giving it a go :grinning:


Well done on the ciggies Gary. They are filthy things. Im about 7 months away from them myself and feel much better- along with my wallet.
As for drink, I had my last one of those in July 1996.:nerd_face:

Cheers, Shane


Well done, Its been quite difficult as my wife and friends all smoke. We have never smoked in the house so that’s one blessing.

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What made you quit Shane? If you don’t mind me asking and did you miss it at first?

Congrates on butting out. I quit in 2007 saved my cigarette money and have bought 2 Gibson guitars and a truck with it. My wife quit in 2020 and already bought a new guitar. I see a new guitar in your future. :wine_glass:

I think I would seriously be pushing my luck on that front, lol. I do have some very expensive hobbies as well as playing guitar. Mission Control games room and I drive a wrangler Jeep which does 17MPG lol

In a nutshell Stefan, I had a serious problem with it, and acfew other things, starting from my early teens, and was heading for a very early grave. So it was quit or die pretty much. Did I miss it initially? No. To be honest, it was like something dreadful was removed from me. And I felt extremely fortunate to have escaped it at 26. No such thing as an old alcoholic. Thats a myth. They all die early if they keep drinking. Anyway, I received alot of support, and went to AA for a few years. After 26+ years its a very different life.

I’m not one of these ‘alcohol is evil’ crusaders. Never have been. Its just deadly for me. If you wanna have a drink, go for it, enjoy yourself. I just tell people there wouldn’t be enough to go round if I ever started up again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Cheers, Shane


Thank you for the reply Shane and so being so candid.

Massive respect for being able to give up the booze. I know how hard it was just to quit smoking, so something that rules your life like I guess alcohol can must be even harder but I’m glad you did otherwise we would not have ever got your fantastic AVOYP’s and be part of the music you share.


Thanks for the kind words Stefan. I feel very lucky to have escaped it so young. Most don’t. Also feel blessed my children never had to see that sad, chaotic life.

Cheers, Shane


I remember you saying that before and thinking I must remember it :grinning:
I’m also with you on the non-proselytising but being open and sharing with anyone who asks.

With your past and rhythm/lead progress you’re gonna end up being called Keef :rofl:
Have a great weekend buddy :sunglasses:

Tournée Minerale, so also from Belgium then ? :grin:
Yeah after Christmas, new year, all the receptions, a tournée minerale can do good on your body :laughing:
As long they don’t invent a “no guitar month” it’s all good to me :laughing:

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But, but, the money, the women? I feel robbed now…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


You probably had all that but just can’t remember.
Happens all the time to rock stars :rofl:


Day 22 here without a pint . OK bragging a little maybe.
Sure do miss my favorite hoppy tasting beer though and there have been a couple times when passing the beer store i though about stopping but no, hanging tough, sleeping better, concentration better etc.
There is a saying related to the topic I heard on the internet: "One is too many and 6 isn’t enough ".
We probably all know someone who that holds true for.
Tobacco free for 15 yrs but couldn’t drink during that 6 mos.
process. They went hand in hand for me.

Pure gold, Brian. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’ve always been very proud of my quick wit, but have to concede yet again that I’m playing with the master here…:nerd_face:

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Indeed, Belgium it is! :smiley: And no, I’m certainly not in for a no guitar month :scream:

I’m not sure if I’ve got this wrong but I thought it used to be Stoptober (giving up smoking) and dry January (giving up drink)?

But good luck to whoever is doing what.