Sober- Tool

I just started working on this one and thought it would be good to record in the early stages. Sober is relatively easy by Tool standards so it is a good drop D beginner tune to work on. This was so easy to play right handed before :laughing:
Just playing over a backing track here with lots of mess ups, missed licks, etc.


I used to love Tool when they first came out. Nice job on this one. Thanks for sharing your progress.


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You look very comfortable making some pretty tricky chord changes. Good job!

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Great stuff, Jeff! :metal: (awesome name by the way! :wink::sweat_smile:)
Cool tone and you nailed that main riff.
Huge Tool fan in my teens, still really love their early albums. In fact this is inspiring me to revisit a couple of tunes of theirs I messed around with a while back.
Keep bringing it buddy! :fire::metal:

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Looks like you overcoming those frustration demons you mentioned at the beginning of the year and the switch from right to left, looks to be progressing well. Guess it may feel a little awkward still and you can see the odd hesitant fret searching but it sounded good for sure.
Not a band I was aware of but certainly one I need to follow up on,

Great share.


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Sounds great Jeff - I couldn’t spot any mess-ups that you mentioned at all.

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Thanks Toby. Yes still frustrating a bit but I am mostly a piece on this new journey.

Tool is great and for sure worth checking out. Even if this kind of music isn’t your bag, one can appreciate their incredible musicianship.

Thank you very much. For sure there are plenty of mess ups but that is ok. I will keep at it :slightly_smiling_face: