Socio - 2023 - Blues Studies

Another great set of performances James. My favorite was the finger style piece. You’re really good at keep that steady bass.

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Sounding good James. I was expecting you to break out into a screaming lead on a third video! That’ll be a future video I’m sure. You’ve also given me some ideas for the future. My only input would be on the levels of the tracks, I’d even them out a bit.

Keep on playing the blues!

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Progressing nicely still James, raunchy tone on the Rhythm Piece #1, you’re still making me want to get on to this more and more!! The fingerstyle stuff is truly impressive :+1:

Appreciate the rhythm piece was an impromptu recording session but perhaps a slightly less gainy tone for the improv track to shine it through a little?

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Just to add James, on editing the topic title. As the post owner, you should see an edit button by the title when you’re at the top of the thread.

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@DavidP @alexisduprey @Mari63 @Notter

Thanks for the watch and feedback. It’s pleasing to read that you enjoyed these blues pieces. It’s great to share this blues learning journey with the community.

I’m really enjoying learning fingerstyle blues and looking forward to working on the next piece where arpeggios are introduced into the mix. Furthering my knowledge and experience of blues rhythm has been so much fun too.

That is definitely on the cards as part of my blues soloing studies. Though, I’ve still got a lot of practicing and learning to do.

To be honest as a beginner I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the tones for two blues rhythm guitar parts but I’m sure that will develop over time with experience. Similarly, on the production side I really need to spend time learning about mixing, levels etc. Especially now that I’ve been toying with the idea of learning multiple parts. This was a big learning curve for me as it was the first time I’ve mixed two part’s that I’ve recorded and the video editing almost got the best of me even though it turned out to be rather simple.

I did manage to update the title that way last time but in this instance it only let’s me modify the post. Maybe us mere mortals can only amend title a limited number of times or I don’t have a clue what I’m doing :wink:


I see you snuck in two more videos. Nice clean playing on both. Steady timing good job on both. Would have like to see a simple turn around in there but that will come with time.

An easy way to start is use the bridge pick up for one and the neck pick up for the other. This way you don’t need to adjust the amp or play with knobs between the two takes, just flip the pick up switch.

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If that’s the case just wait and see the same question from me, coming soon to an AVOYP thread near you :wink:

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Great job James! We have fingerstyle blues, now rhythm, I feel lead is coming together very soon in this post :grin: all the best!

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Hi James,
Nice job :sunglasses: :clap:, I’m allmost mis this … no idea if it matters to you, but if you post a Youtube/Photo/tumbnail it stands out better to me, I miss a link like that much faster when scrolling down a topic,and I often miss date changes in the title, etc but do what you feel comfortable with of course :smile:,it’s probably just me, I miss more lately :grimacing:

You have already received tips for improvement and for the entire process I say … keep it up :sunglasses:

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James the blooooozeman. Great stuff. You’re really getting to grips with all this.

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@stitch @adi_mrok @roger_holland @sairfingers

Thanks for following me on this blues journey of discovery and supporting me with your feedback along the way.

I was debating with myself whether to record and post the blues rhythm piece now or wait until I had learned a simple turnaroun which is next on my blues rhythm learning list. The next rhythm piece I record will include a turnaround.

Thank you for that bit of advice, it’s much appreciated.

Yes, lead is on the cards. Right now I’ve been focusing on developing my rhythm chops. I have been thinking lately in learning a T-Bone, Albert Collins or Doobie Brothers song. If you’d asked me who they were before I started JG course I wouldn’t have a clue. Or maybe an Eric Clapton song.

Every bit of feedback matters to me. Next new recording post I’ll make sure it stands out.

I blame the three blues brothers for getting me started down this path. Maybe one day I’ll be able to produce a decent rhythm backing track for you three to solo over.

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Haha. I think you may have overtaken this third of the blues brothers James. I haven’t been doing much improv recently. I have been working a bit on Justin’s ’lickin’ riff’ lesson though. Not easy.

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It doesn’t look easy but it does look fun to play. I think Justin also encourages you to have a go making it your own.

Nice and bluesy there James! I saw the title had changed (finally?) and went to check out the new videos. Sounding good.

Curious if these Justin’s lessons or are they from that fingerstyle website you use as well? They seem to be a nice logical progression in difficulty.


The secret to the lickin’ riff is to practice with your tongue instead of fingers.

I kill me… my kids would groan…


Great stuff James.
Solid playing in both. Slick visuals to boot :sunglasses:
Giz a smile! :wink:

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Thanks for the watch and feedback, JK. Yes, it seems like the title can only be updated now by a mod. The fingerstyle blues lessons are from the last module of the external beginners fingerstyle course that I have been working through since September.

Thanks for the watch and feedback Brian especially as I know that the blues isn’t really your cup of tea yet. I’ll try next time to give you a cheeky smile :nerd_face:


That’s really nice James…thanks for sharing your progress, it’s really inspiring :blush: As you know I don’t know much about blues but no need for understanding
to say that you’re doing great :raised_hands:

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James, thanks for sharing your blues studies. As others have said, you’ve got a good strong bass rhythm and showing progress from video 1 to 2. I look forward to seeing your other videos.

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@SILVIA @SteveL_G99
Thanks for the watch and feedback. It is pleasing to read that you can see progress being made from recording to recording. It reassures me that I am actually making progress and builds up the confidence levels as I tackle the next pieces.

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