Socio - 2023 - Blues Studies

Hey James, I’ve just listened to a couple of your fingerstyle videos, you’re really good. Have to say you’ve inspired me! Thank you.

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Fingerstyle Blues Piece No. 4

Following on from the third fingerstyle blues piece I’ve made some progress with the next piece which builds upon the first piece by introducing arpeggios into the mix.


Kindergarten Blues


Fabulous, James, you are tempting me, inspiring me to fololow you down this road.

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Another good one James! Getting into playing some more complex melody with that thumb going. I might have to give these a shot sometime, I was looking at a Black Keys riff the other day that is picked like this, this looks like a great way into doing that.

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Hi James,
On a Roll :sunglasses: :clap:

So important for what I want to learn how to play this kind of thing, but I find it so dxmn difficult, that thumb is really good on the way with you, keep doing what you’re doing and it will become your “metronome” by " itself" :sweat_smile:


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Very bluesy, James, sounding good! Pieces that stack up on each other for learning new skills are great, especially when they sound cool!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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James your progress is shining through with each piece you’re posting, it’s terrific mate! Blues certainly seems to suit you, and you it, particularly well. :+1:

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tapping my foot to this new one James. really digging all these fingerstyle pieces.

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Thanks for the watch and support, David. You’ve got the key to the highway so come and join me on this blues road trip.

Thanks for the watch and support, JK. It’s definitely worth giving these a shot as they are fun to play and gradually build the foundations. I’m going to have to check out The Black Keys now.

Thanks for the watch and support, Rogier. I found it more difficult than it looks to get that thumb working independently. Many minutes passed by just thumbing along to a metronome.

Thanks for the watch and support, Mari. I’m finding that pieces that build up block by block help with laying the foundations whilst providing insight into the development of arrangements. Hopefully, I will be able to take on Justin’s solo blues material in the near future.

Thanks for the watch and support, Mark. It is pleasing to read that you can see progress being made through this series of blues studies.

Thanks for the watch and support, Alexis. It is pleasing to read that you are enjoying these fingerstyle pieces, hopefully, I can inspire you to learn a few pieces.

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Oh James that was very tasty. I loved that bass note running throughout the piece. I also loved the laidback feel of it as well.

Now where is my jam jar of mountain juice?

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Thanks for the watch and feedback, Stefan. I’m pleased to hear that your enjoying following these short study pieces.

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Great progress James!

Keep them coming :sunglasses:

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James, that sounds awsome. Very intersting thread, I’ll stay connected, as I’m planning to go into blues too. Great progess!

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Making good progress James, just love that laid back Delta Blues. Listening to the pieces the courses is framed very much like the Hamburger one I am following. Just starting the 9th piece so really need to get some recording done ! Just caught the rhythm video, nice and steady all the way through of both parts, Well done sir !

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James, Finally got to take in the last three. Very impressive playing and sound. You are really getting a handle on the blues and making superb progress.

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Hi James, you’re definitely making good progress on this. Congratulations :clap::+1::star_struck:.
Sounds very cool and bluesy :sunglasses: .
I’m looking forward to hearing more from your Blues journey :smiley:.

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That sounded wonderful James. Very chilled and relaxed. I need to learn some blues!

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Thanks for the watch and support, Dave. Plenty more on the way as I continue to push for progress. If all goes to plan I may even record another blues fingerstyle piece this weekend.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Andrea. Blues is fantastic to explore and as you can see from this study topic their is plenty of scope to learn and build from as a beginner.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Toby. Yes, it’s a very similar approach to Hamburger; you should definitely get some recordings done, I’d be super interested in watching them. Thanks for the feedback on the rhythm post, I wasn’t sure how that one would turnout. It was a great learning experience and made me hungry for doing two guitar recordings.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Dave. It’s encouraging to read that others can see progress being made. Hopefully, I can continue to keep adding progressively to those building blocks.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Nicole. It’s encouraging to read that others can see progress being made. I’ve got the next blues fingerstyle piece under my fingers so hopefully record it some time soon.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Eddie. You should definitely learn some blues. I look forward to watching you play some.


James, I’ve been trying to record the first 5 of 20, plus the first 2 of Justin’s Solo Blues Course but been suffering from severe RBS and keep stuffing up. Really frustrating but hoping to get over the “record button” hurdle and get some posted. After all these years you’d think that had all gone away. If only. :scream:


May I ask you, if you are following Justin’s course or is it another one?