Socio - April 2022 - Three Little Birds Cover

It’s been a week since I did my first two AVOYPs. So figured I’d record another one to keep the momentum going and get used to that red light.

I decided to do this song as I’ve seen a few covers of it posted lately that I really enjoyed. Its a good tune and one that never crossed my mind about going back to develop it further after completing Grade 1.

This cover is not as polished as the Bad Moon Rising Cover that I did. Its the first time I’ve strummed with my thumb. My hand felt lost without holding a pick.

Any feedback/advice/tips appreciated. Hopefully, I’ve captured the feedback from my previous two AVOYPs.

Three Little Birds

P.S. I hope @Richard_close2u testimonial OM is going really well. I look forward to watching the recording. I said on the post for the OM if I didn’t make the OM that I’d dedicate an AVOYP to Richard for everything he brings and does for this wonderful Forum. This one’s for you Richard. :guitar:


Hi James that was great in my ears! You have a solid understanding of the rhythm as I mentioned in one of my previous replies to your thread and this videos only proves the point. Interesting take on the strumming, hopefully that was on purpose and you weren’t planning on following reggae rhythm from the original too much, if so then again very good choice :slight_smile: bit more mellow strumming without the pick but I didn’t hear any issues at all, overall good job!


Nice job with the chords, strumming hand keeping moving nicely along and a great job muting with the thumb :slightly_smiling_face:

If you turn your voice up from volume 2 to volume 8 I think you’ll get some great results :+1:

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You’re making great progress James.

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An easy on the ear rendition of this classic, James, that (I think/found) is not as easy to play and sing as it appears when people post it up. You got it all working well in this performance.

I suggest you look back at the recording and view your finger positioning on the D chord. It looks as if you could shift all the fingers up a little closer to the fret wires. Maybe a little slide forward is needed as you change into that chord, led by a small slide with the anchor finger. May also just be camera angle.

Keep them coming.

The OM was fabulous, wonderful performances from regulars and first-timers alike. Based on that recording I think you can start working towards being a performer at a future OM.

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Thanks Adrian. The take on the strumming was based on one of Stephens Marley’s version of the classic.

Thanks Dave. I’m still getting to grips with the controls for my vocals and recording. I’ll get there eventually.

Ha, sorry bud I meant from your lungs :grin:

You were singing in tune so don’t be afraid to throw it out there!

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Thanks, Maggie :smiley:

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Thanks David. Yes, I noticed that too when I first watched back. That’s something I’ll be working on this week. Lot’s of little things to iron out.

But without doing an AVOYP I wouldn’t pick up on these things. I may even start recording a practice session every now and then for my own general review and analysis.

Glad the OM went well. I’m looking forward to watching it later on.

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Well done James!!

Its such an cool and laidback song this one. And you played it well. Both singing and strumming were good.
You inspired me to pick this one up again. I found it difficult to sing and play when i messed around with it. But it is such a beutifull classic that i need to learn properly.

Fine performance James, keep up the good work!! Looking forward to see you on the next OM :grin:

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Thanks (@tRONd) Trond :smiley: Yes, I felt exactly the same way, once I saw @Notter wonderful rendition of the song it inspired me to give it another go and learn properly. I’m glad that I did as it’s a classic song. It’s great how we all inspire and support one another.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the OM performances later on today.

Awesome stuff @Socio , enjoyed that a lot!

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Great version and an interesting strumming pattern, I will check Stephen marley’s version as I don’t think I have heard it.

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Thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing where you’re taking it next with the percussive strumming.

If we can’t dance with Layla yet we can certainly have some fun with the other three little birds :wink:

Thanks Trevor. Definitely check out Stephen’s versions. Its one that I will go back to once I’ve learned barre chords and try to get closer to that version of the song.

Gradually watching the last OM recording. You certainly had me at a happy place, on the beach, drinking cocktails by the campfire listening to your performance. That was a fantastic opening and rendition. So far I’ve got around to watching Davids, Richards, Kevins and your performance. All the performances have been truly amazing and looking forward to watching the rest of them.

Nicely done :-). Enjoyed that

Thanks James :pray:

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Thanks, Zed. Glad you enjoyed it mate. :smiley:

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