Socio - July 2023 - I Should Have Known Better - Beatles Cover

Hey all,

One of the bands that I have listened to a lot over the years was the beatles. Though the closest I got to hearing their songs played live was at Bootleg Beatles Concerts and Paul McCartney Concerts. I decided recently to start learning to play some of their songs, starting with the more easier songs to re-consolidate everything I learned from the beginners grades.

‘I should have known better’ is one of the easier to play songs in the beatles catalogue. I’m surprised that I never learned it when I was learning the seventh chords in Beginners Grade 2. Learning this song was probably the first time that it crossed my mind that the song changes keys.

As always feedback is more than welcome.

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Awesome James! I recently started trying to singing while playing, so I know it is no joke, even with songs with simple chord progressions.


Nicely played n sung James. This is another Fab4 song I instantly remember but never recognise the song title. But I could say that for a lot of their early stuff. No real excuse for a child of the 60s! :sunglasses:

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Nice rendition of this one, James. This was an enjoyable listen, very well done. :clap:

I often find Beatles songs only seem to be easy, but when you then try tackling them, it turns out it’s not easy at all. This holds true for I should have know better, too - at least for me. But you made it seem easy as well! :smiley:

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Nice one James! This is one of my favorite early Beatles songs. I love watching the scene in Hard Day’s Night where they play this one on the train.

Although it appears to be a simple song, some of the chord changes can be tricky to do quickly and you made them look smooth and easy. Great job! This was one of the first songs I learned when I first picked up the guitar and I remember struggling to get the strumming right on the change between G and D :laughing: I was so happy when I finally got it. I enjoyed your version a lot! :clap:

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Hi James,
Nice job and great to hear the boys again. Always room for some Beatles! Nice mix between the guitar and the vox. Well done there and on your play. Maybe a bit pitchy in a few spots on vocals.

An idea there would be to go up and down the neck playing the major scale and singing to that, note by note. Record it and listen back at how you do as a learning experience. This little practice can be done in perhaps 5 mins or so a session. I bet it would benefit you and your vox!

All the best and looking forward to the next Beatles song post!

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Hi James,
You have indeed been busy playing :sunglasses:…well done :sunglasses: :clap:…when people have mastered the B7 this is a very easy song to play, like many songs by the Beatles… but singing along makes it much more complex of course :sunglasses: :man_bowing:… .I didn’t know the song, or at least no memory of it :blush:.

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Good stuff James. A real fab4 classic and I enjoyed your version. Yes, Beatles songs seem simple until you start to learn them and realise there is more to them than meets the eye. That’s why they’ve stood the test of time.
I felt that perhaps at times you hadn’t quite found the right octave for your voice but at the same time you made the song your own, so all good. Well done.

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Really enjoyable James. Nice consistent strum pattern and smooth chord changes. I was waiting for the song’s little “groovy” solo to come in :slight_smile: But it was still a great performance mate, well done.

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Thanks for checking this cover out, Alexis. Yes, it is not easy singing and playing at the same time but as you know it is all down to getting the guitar playing automatic. That’s great that you have started singing and playing. I look forward to hearing something when you are ready to share.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Toby. Yes, there are a few songs like that where you know the melody and could sing along but wouldn’t remember the title of the top of your head. I’ve got another song on my list to start learning, a different band, that I would be shocked if you never recognised the song title.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Lisa. I’m starting to feel that no songs are easy and they only become easier the more you practice. I would love to hear a rendition of one of the beatles song from you some time.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Jennifer. It was watching some of your beatles covers that inspired me to build up a repertoire of their songs. The same with your recent cover of Champagne Supernova at the mini gig got me thinking about learning The Masterplan.

Thanks for checking this cover out, LB. I’m pleased to hear that I am starting to make some progress with getting the mix better. To be honest I enrolled in the Discover Your Voice course but still to make a start with the course, I’ve just been too busy recently. Though that is a good suggestion of playing the major scale and singing to it, note by note, and won’t eat up too much time. I suppose it would also benefit in ear training which is something else that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Rogier. Oh I have been very busy playing just not enough practicing :speak_no_evil: That B7 chord is wonderful, it’s in quite a few songs that I have been looking at learning and always good to throw in when playing a boogie woogie pattern. This years accomplishment will be mastering the B7 chord. It’s a tricky little chord but you grow to love it.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Gordon. I figured if I’m going to start learning some beatles songs then best to start with the classics. You are absolutely right, there is more to them than meets the eye which is a good learning experience. That is one of the things that I have found most difficult when learning to sing and play cover songs is finding the right octave. Yesterday I started learning ‘You’re Gonna Lose That Girl’ and I’m already thinking about the key.

Thanks for checking this cover out, Sandro. Learning solo’s is something that is definitely on the list of things to start working on but first I want to build up some solid rhythm chops. Though in saying that I’ve started to explore strumming and picking specific notes at the same time to make things a bit more interesting.


John, Paul, George and the other one (:wink: ) would be proud of that James, well played and sung. I’ve got quite familiar with B7 from back playing a more accurate version of All I Wanna Do and it’s come up in many more since. Damn awkward to change to at first!!

Enjoyed that a lot, nice one! :clap:

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Well played James, such a great tune and you played it really well. Glad you chose to sing along, with some more practice you will definitely get even better! All the best

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Hey Mark, thank for checking out this cover song too. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Yes, that B7 chord is everywhere, NG uses it a lot too. It is definitely not one of the easiest chord changes.

Thanks for taking the time to give this a listen and commenting, Adrian. I know you’ve been really busy lately, so it mean a lot to me. You are absolutely right, I just need to keep practicing.


That was fantastic James. It is great to see you singing in one of your recordings.

I’m looking forward to some more Beatles stuff from you now.

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Thank’s for giving this one a spin, Stefan. Yes, it’s been a while since I recorded guitar and vocals due to getting sidetracked with fingerstyle blues. Oh there is certainly some more Beatles stuff on the way :wink:

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Well done James, not an easy song to play and sing. I tried it on a stage at a Club in Tokyo once and absolutely murdered it so well done!

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