Socio - November 2022 - Writing To Reach You & Lost (Anouk)

Another fine one James you are on fire! Some good comments on dynamics from Clint, this should improve your performances even more. All the best

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Nice one James. Not listened to a lot of Travis and it seems years ago now (ha not decades though for most of my usual stuff!) What I do remember I liked, so I enjoyed this immensely. Nice and tight and the vocals were darn good as well. + 1 on the dynamics but all part of the development learning path !
Well done.

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Ha again James,
Came across fine on this end. However, you are stretching to get the high notes with your vox. I might try pulling the capo off and singing it down a half step to see if you can better handle those high notes?

All the best to you!

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That was excellent playing and singing James. What a great choice of tune as well. Love the sound of your guitar.

One slight nit pick is your voice was slight drowned out by your guitar. Are you able to turn the volume of your vocal up a bit?

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Nice job James and I do like this song (and others on their first album). Thought you did a very good job. The vocal is tricky but you pulled it off fine.

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Thanks for the listen and feedback Mark :smiley: Yes, it wasn’t an easy song to sing. It was almost getting to the point I was thinking of just playing to a backing track with vocals.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Silvia :smiley: I have been working since the recording on the dynamics and making improvements. So progress is being made even if its little by little :wink:

Thanks for the listen and feedback Gordon :smiley: I’m glad the Travis vibe came across as I spent considerable time listening to the song and watching him play it on the acoustic. I found it a really difficult song to sing which gave me a lot more respect for him as a singer.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Adrian :smiley: Yes, that was some good feedback from @CT and @DarrellW on the dynamics which I have been working on since the recording. Though, it got me thinking about another comment Clint made on another post in the forum about making the song your own. I think this one I may revisit when I’ve got the techniques down. I’m thinking of reducing the tempo, apply hybrid picking to the verses and strumming the bridge/chorus.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Toby :smiley: Glad you enjoyed this one mate. I’m definitely going to be working on and not overlooking dynamics. As you said all part of the development process and as long as I’m making progress I’m happy.

@LBro @brianlarsen
Thank you both for the listen and feedback. I’m glad it came across well at your end. Brian although you commented on the other post regarding this recording, I thought I would bring the point you raised here as it relates with the feedback from LBro.

I learned the song with the capo in the position Fran plays it, on the second fret. However, I found this song to be a really difficult song to sing. I did try changing the position of the capo (up and down) and ended up settling with it on the 1st fret but in hindsight I should have tried it also without the capo :roll_eyes: doh…

Thanks for the listen and feedback Stefan :smiley: No problem, for you mate I can definitely turn the volume of the vocal up a bit :wink:


Thanks for the listen and feedback Jason :smiley: Yeah, I found the vocal difficult, it made me appreciate more the quality of Fran’s singing.

Late to this party, James. Bravo, well played and sung. An impressive showcase of the use of the stuck chords and you looked really comfortable throughout.

I also loved the video production. The black and white, your choice of top, camera angle … looked really pro.

From a subjective experience perspective, I felt the guitar was perhaps a little to bright and dominant in the mix. The mic appears angled down towards the guitar. If it were me (of course it’s not) I’d try perhaps inverting the mic and positioning it level with your mouth, maybe slightly angled to the guitar.

I suggest you also allow the recording to run an additional few seconds to allow the last note(s) to naturally fade to silence, a slight pause and then hit the stop button.

Great job overall, well done, keep 'em coming!

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Thank you very much for the listen and feedback, David, it’s much appreciated :smiley: I’m pleased to hear that you loved the video production. You’re ‘subjective experience perspective’ is the perspective that I got watching back the video after I recorded it.

That’s exactly what I was thinking about doing on my next AVoYP where I’m singing and playing at the same time.

That’s another good point which I will definitely be taking on board.

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First fingerstyle song I’ve recorded and I literally got lost and messed up the lyrics which threw me off but wanted to keep going through the mistakes. I thought about recording it again but decided to put it to bed for the time being as got other songs to learn and will revisit later on. As always feedback is appreciated.


I love it! I have never heard that song before, but you look like a natural finger picker! I aspire to incorporate more finger picking. Excellent job :+1:

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sounding very good, I mostly play fingerstyle as well, nice slow cadence.

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Hi James,…
Well, where do I even start, :smiling_imp: :smirk:…Finally, it shouldn’t have taken that long,…you probably know what I mean :blush:… and I’ve been brooding for 4 minutes how to make some jokes ,…but I’ll leave that to @brianlarsen for now after his comment when it was about this a while ago :wink: :joy:,I’m sure he won’t do it for now either :grin:…but you probably thought "I’ll post my first video in full countenance if he can’t see properly :computer: :guide_dog: for 2(?) weeks after his cataract surgery… …
But James,…thanks it is good :sunglasses:

And great fingerstyle song and wonderfully played :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: ,from this one and only Dutch rock b*tch :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


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Thanks for the listen and feedback Travis. It’s a song I’ve only come to know myself and found it to be a great song to learn when just getting started in fingerstyle.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Tony. It’s much appreciated. I know you’ve been finger picking for quite some time so good to hear that it’s sounding good from you.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Rogier. I figured I would get two posts out before Brian told me politely to go back to the way I done them before. Glad to hear my cover of Anouk went down well with you. It was a great song to learn.


@Socio Hi James , I actually know this song from my time living in The Netherlands. You played it really well. I actually learned this early on in my playing about 5 years ago and then it got “Lost” :grinning: along my journey. I don’t have any playing critique to share as I think you played it really well, probably a lot better than I was doing back when I was paying it.

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Hi James, that was really enjoyable :blush:. Finger picking while singing is so difficult - a pretty hard brain workout. And you’ve sung it so soulful - it was a real pleasure listening to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Love it James. I spent 9 years living in the Netherlands :netherlands: where I got into Anouks music. This is one of her great songs. You did an incredible job with this! :sunglasses:

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Hi Eric, thanks for listen and feedback. It’s much appreciated. Well I’ve seen you play so I’m quite happy to follow in your footsteps. Hopefully, I’ll be half as good as you in 5 years time.

Hi Nicole, thanks for the listen and feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, finger picking while singing is quite a challenging workout but an enjoyable workout.

Hey Eddie, thanks for the listen and feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it mate. It was your Anouk cover that inspired me to give this one ago when I started to work on learning to play fingerstyle.


Really nice James, well played throughout, clean picking pattern and moving with the changes nicely, I have found chord changes much more challenging playing fingerstyle, even the odd lapse in timing can have a big impact.

You’ve played that with the acoustic plugged in right? I’ve found that to be particularly unforgiving if there’s a slight string buzz which seemed to happen a couple of times in the recording there. Would be interesting to give it a whirl using the scarlett mic positioned lower to catch both the guitar aux naturelle and vocals and get the true warm tone out of the guitar.

Bravo! :clap: :clap:

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This new/improved vision is a mixed blessing :thinking:
I seem to have lost my colour vision, but how cool is it to finally be able to see the whole picture?
(I’ve just watched all your recent uploads, but will only comment here)

You’ve been a busy :honeybee:, James, and my- have you spent your time well!
This is outrageous for just one year in (I said that recently. Was it to someone else or am I going senile? :roll_eyes:)
Jokes aside, apart from the satisfaction of being able to view the performer, the B&W video is stunning. The lighting is superb and looks like a professional job (fancy intros an’ all). Even your clothes and goggles match.
Moving beyond the striking visuals, that’s some solid playing right there. In the groove. Steady picking, strumming and vocals to boot. Guitar/vox balance on point.
What’s not to like?
For me the standout feature was the promise of the performer that’s inside you. Even though you’re mainly concentrating on the chord/lyric sheets (I presume), there are facial expressions matching the music. Be aware of, and nurture that aspect of your performance. (@Lieven once remarked that it’s hard to over-exaggerate while performing! I think he’s right)
I’ve been working on a bit of fingerpicking on a song, and I just don’t have the stamina yet. Must get back to it.
Love me a bit of Travis, some great songs.
You can pick better material than the Gallagher brothers (Haha, I say that to everyone. I know it’s probably my deficiency :roll_eyes:).
Why are you using a capo for that? The two octaves you sang in were either too high or too low. Take it off and have a go. Move it up one or two frets at a time till you hit your comfort zone.

On the old forum there’d be barrel loads of vibes winging their way to you :sunglasses:
You look young enough to actually go out and get a career if you keep it up.
Remember the little people, if you do…