Socio - November 2022 - Writing To Reach You & Lost (Anouk)

Thanks for the listen and feedback Mark :smiley: I would have replied sooner but Brian broke the community website :roll_eyes: Yes, the acoustic was plugged in to the audio interface. That’s a good idea to try with the melodies I’m currently learning. I will probably eventually move towards having dedicated mics for vox and guitar if I continue down this path of fingerstyle playing.

Where do I start :thinking: Maybe with a thanks for the listen and feedback Brian :smiley:

Well Rogier did say @batwoman was always right so it had to be done. I figured I’d get two recordings out though before you told me to go back to the recording the old way :wink:

No chord or lyric sheets. I was just focusing on anything in the room apart from the computer screen. I’m glad it came across as a promise of a performance.

Yes, it does take a bit of time to build up the stamina and speed in those picking fingers. I’m looking forward to listening to the song your working on :smiley:

I’m just blessed with a youthful appearance :wink:

Thanks for the listen and feedback Silvia :smiley: Yes, playing through mistakes is something I think is a very good thing and something that I need to start doing more often. The mistakes were with a few of the lyrics which through me off a little bit resulting in a couple of wobbly notes as I tried to regain my composure.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Adrian :smiley: This was me taking into consideration feedback on a previous performance :wink: The open mic gates will come when the time is right. Yes, definitely a bit more polishing up to do and glad I didn’t get reprimanded with the standard picking hand photo :smiley:

Thanks for the listen and feedback Phil :smiley: I’ve been gradually working my way through a beginner’s fingerstyle course and trying to make sure I have all the foundations embedded. The mistakes would have been more noticeable if you knew the song. I made a mistake with the lyrics on the first line of the second verse which threw me off a little bit and then the last line of the final chorus I sung the wrong line and that threw me off again.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Gordon :smiley: Glad you enjoyed that one mate. Yes, it’s certainly not easy to sing and pick at the same time especially when you mess up the lyrics :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the listen and feedback Toby :smiley: It’s good to have finally got that first fingerstyle song done :face_exhaling: I’m glad to hear that the recording inspired you to dabble a bit more in fingerstyle. I’ve watched the videos you posted in your LL and they were really good.

Thanks for the listen and feedback LBro :smiley: I’m glad it came across well at your end. The acoustic was plugged in with the blended system set to suit fingerstyle. I did consider connecting the acoustic to the Kantana Amp.

Thanks for the listen and feedback Sandro :smiley: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Playing fingerstyle without looking is not easy, especially melodies :roll_eyes: I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m anywhere near your level of playing mate.


Thanks for the listen and feedback Stefan :smiley: Yes, playing fingerstyle whilst singing is definitely not easy. I can’t imagine how much more difficult is going to be when you start strumming and picking at the same time and with some percussive elements thrown in for good measure.


I think my brain will melt. :smiley:

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That was wonderful James! I don’t think I can add anything to what others have said. Bravo!

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Thanks for the listen and feedback Mark :smiley: I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s such a lovely song.

Hey James!

Looks like you’re really getting a head! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :rofl:

Couldn’t help myself… good to see these vids of you rather than just the guitar and hands. The videos listed as public. It can be a big step moving out from anonymity. I’m subbed to you on YouTube so saw your vids there first, I missed them in the tidal wave of AVOYPs.

Your playing is going great dude. Well done. Fingerstyle sounding solid. Must feel good!

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Hey JK!

Ha Ha… it was only a matter of time mate… I figured if I’m going to move out from anonymity then I might as well just go all out… cheers for giving them a spin and the feedback… I’ve been learning beginner fingerstyle for about 3 months now so it’s really good to hear that the time spent is starting to pay off. It’s amazing the progress we have made just over a year, thanks to Justin’s beginners course.

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Came here straight from the Travis video, James. You are doing oh so well, playing and singing, now picking. And as I said before, the video production is just so pro.

I saw a comment that the guitar was plugged in. That surprised me a bit given the mic position. I think the guitar-vocal balance is good on this recording, aided by the reduced volume that comes with finger-picking.

How are you recording the video … webcam plus AI into OBS? If so when strumming I’d play more with the gain and level faders when setting up to get a balance that keeps the vocal more forward in the mix as you have it in this recording when strumming.

Have you tried with just recording via the mic or maybe turning the level of the guitar via the direct input down to have the recording largely just what the mic is picking up.

If using OBS then might be worth adding just a slight time delay on the guitar track (if I recall correctly you have Reaper installed, so would have the JS Time-delay plugin available in OBS). Just enough delay 20-40ms that you may get a fatter fuller guitar tone without hearing the delayed track as a slight echo.

Congrats on progress made!

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Thanks for taking the time to give this one a listen and provide feedback as well. It much appreciated, David.

When recording videos I’m using the inbuilt laptop camera plus AI into OBS. I’ve still not quite worked out how to get OBS to take the audio input from Reaper. Therefore, when prepping the video I just swap the OBS recorded audio track with that recorded from Reaper. I think in previous recordings I may have explored adding slight delays and reverb using Reaper or RipX. On these recordings I never bothered.

This is something that I definitely be exploring further on the my next AVoYP where I’m playing and singing at the same time.

It’s good to hear from a third perspective that progress is being made.

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James, my (current) approach to this is not to bother with Reaper unless I need something extra, like say a drum track, or I am doing a multi-track. Have you tried just using the audio channels from the 2i2 in OBS? May take some fiddling before recording to get the levels balanced but with practice that can be done quickly and the pay-off is no messing around to replace audio tracks afterwards (though I know it is easy enough to do that in Reaper).