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Sure you will :metal:

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Happy NGD, James :smiley:
oh yes, and
Happy NGD, James :smiley:
They look gorgeous.
Oh yes, kudos for offering to donate your ‘old’ guitar to someone who ‘needs’ one.
The offer alone spreads good vibes, even if matching up presents its own problems.
Cool :sunglasses:

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Thanks, Brian (@brianlarsen). Let’s hope I can make them sound as gorgeous as they look. I gave them a bit of play last night along with the Trio Plus. That’s a neat little magic box, I’m glad a few folk posted that you could use the Trio Plus at the stage I’m on. Once I get properly familiar with using it, I can see that adding an extra dimension to my song practice.

Today, I downloaded and installed OBS. Time to learn how to use it along with the Scarlett 2i2. I presume that I just need to configure OBS with Audio Input as the Scarlett 2i2 and video input as laptop camera, hit record and walla I’ve recorded a song that’s butchered original. Still to get to grips with the Trio Plus, but I’m sure @sairfingers post made reference to where there was some good information to digest to get started. So some time needed to get put aside for learning all this gadgety stuff. All part of the learning process.

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New guitars look great James. Enjoy!

That’s spot on, James. I’ve written some of it up in this post, which includes links to a little more on how to setup the audio in OBS: Producing a video with phone cam and an audio interface

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Thanks for the link, David (@DavidP). I’ll have a good read of it later. I’ve been reading up now on the Flex Bend Control on the new acoustic. It’s interesting also having a condenser microphone inside the guitar. I’ll have to have a play about with it to see what sounds best via the Scarlett 2i2. I’ve been thinking of doing an AVOYP of Bad Moon Rising with that guitar; it just sounds fitting with that guitar for some reason.

That caught my eye, James. I think it is well worth experimenting with that system plugged into the 2i2. Being able to blend the mic with the pickup makes a big difference to the sound quality achieved when recording or performing plugged in.

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Three practice sessions on Module 10 completed, and the fourth one is scheduled for today.

Just like Nitsuj, I have been alternating the practice sessions between guitars.

I’m really enjoying the offerings of this module, especially playing the La Bamba Riff and improvisation on the C Major scale.

I might actually attempt to use the Trio Plus to work on the common chord progressions in the key of C and improvise over the loop as an alternative to the provided backing track.

For the La Bamba Riff, I’ve moved onto the second Riff option to start practising adding harmony notes. So far, so good. It’s a fun little Riff to play.

The F Barre, F mini, weak finger G, and the mini A Barre chords are all progressing well. Time to start applying them to a couple of songs.

My current repetiore is coming along well. I’m just polishing up my interpretations of Bad Moon Rising, Sweet Home Alabama, Dude I Totally Miss You and Why Does It Always Rain On Me.

All these posts @TheMadman_tobyjenner @DavidP and @sairfingers have been posting recently have got me feeling the blues. So, I’m looking forward to learning to play the blues in the future as my skills develop on the ES-335.

Next up, though, will be an introduction to Finger Style in Module 11, which should be fun. I did have a go at Shallow when the video lesson came out and went reasonably well for my Play Grade.


You’re making good progress James. Looking forward to your Blues exploration ! :+1:

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Today, I decided to fire up the laptop, set up the Scarlett 2i2 Studio Package, and familiarise myself with the OBS Software.

That was a great idea; I think I’m going to need a few more dry runs to get used to recording myself. There is something about clicking on start recording that messes up all the lyrics in my head and throws in a few too many mistakes in my guitar playing.

I’ll probably just set it up recording as I do practice sessions until I forget the spotlights on me. I think as I get used to it, it will become a very useful tool.

The sound quality seemed good apart from my singing. The tones recorded from the acoustic seemed decent to me, though, still getting used to the
Flex Bend Control.

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Crikey you’re telling me James, the brain’s a wonderful thing but it can really mess with you! That’s a good shout to set up the Scarlett and OBS to record as you do practice sessions. I’ve got to play with OBS as it looks far more useful than what I use currently.
I’ve been really impressed with the 2i2, I’ve been using mine for a month or so now. One really useful, but obvious, thing I “discovered” is I can run my Yamaha THR10ii amp through it just using the headphone socket as a line out into the 2i2 with a 3.5mm to quarter inch patch cable, will be worth it when I get around to wanting to record with different tones / sounds.
Have fun with it!

Hi Mark , Yes, the 2i2 has been impressive. I’m still getting used to the DAW software. I started off using the trial version of Reaper, but for some reason, paypal doesn’t want to make the payment for the license. So, I might just try out one of the lite versions that come with the 2i2. What DAW did you choose to use?
I was really impressed with your version of Three Little Birds. It inspired me today to pick up the guitar and try playing it again. I haven’t got to the stage of finger picking, so I gave it another shot strumming. I hadn’t played that song since Module 1, and it never crossed my mind to go back to that song and re-work it. So thanks to you, I had a worry free practice session.

Hey James, really appreciate your comment on my TLB version and I’m really chuffed it gave you a bit of inspiration, hope you had fun with it!!

I’ve been using Audacity as my DAW mainly but it’s a bit of a fiddle with the 2i2 as it only accepts one input as such. You can record a mono track combining the 2 inputs from the 2i2 but doing something in stereo takes some tweaking @Rod58 and I have exchanged some DMs on it and got it working, happy to share that if you’re interested. I’ve played with the Ableton Lite download as part of the Scarlett package but found it too complicated so far, but I’ve not put time into it yet.

Lots of options when it comes to DAWs: The 12 Best Free DAWs to Create Music | LANDR Blog And probably more than mentioned here

If I recall correctly @majik and some others have mentioned this one: BandLab: Make Music Online

James, have you tried contacting Reaper? Seems strange the Paypal won’t work if they indicate that as a payment channel option.

Thanks, David. You’re always so helpful. I’ve just talked the missus into paying for Reaper with her credit card. It has better exchange rates, and maybe she’ll forget asking for the money back from me :wink:

Edit: License for Reaper sorted

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Hey Mark, Yes, you certainly gave me some inspiration. I’ve been practising it today now I’ve settled on the strumming pattern. So I’ve been having lots of fun with it.

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Terrific James, hope you can share it on a AVOYP sometime :+1:

Hi Mark, as a fellow THR amp user/enthusiast, I’m curious about this. I have had fleeting thoughts in the past about an interface like the scarlet, but never investigated properly, as I was able to find work-arounds with mobile phone recordings and Trio+ looper into pc.
What is the advantage of putting your THR through your scarlet, instead of just using the (printer-like) usb cable directly into the pc?
On a side issue, were you tempted to acquire any of the fun THR accessories (transmitter, Airstep YT)?
You’re obviously a man of good taste :wink:

Hi Brian, contrary to popular belief I think flattery does got you somewhere :rofl:

I’ll caveat my approach by saying that I use Audacity as my DAW as I find it far simpler to use than anything else at the moment (I’ve installed Ableton Lite from a download code with with the 2i2 but my brain hurts using it!!).

With that in mind there were a couple of reasons, firstly with the USB connection from the THR to the PC I’ve found the occasional loss of signal when recording, despite trying a few different USB cables and inputs on my PC which got to be very frustrating. The second reason is Audacity can only take a single input source, so if I wanted to do play and do vocals it just wasn’t possible with the THR inputting via USB. Audacity will treat both channels of the 2i2 as a single input so by running the THR through that I can take advantage of the myriad tones / effects from it along with the microphone input.

I’ve not done any accessorising of the THR…yet :wink: I actually wasn’t aware of Airstep, that actually looks very cool, might need to do some research!!

Have a good one - Mark.