Software Advantages

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Another free software: YouTube. To stop a video, press the spacebar on your keyboard. To jump back 5 seconds, press the left arrow. To jump forward by 5 seconds, press the right arrow. To resume playback, press the spacebar again. To slow the playback without altering the pitch, click the gear icon to bring up a menu, then click Playback Speed and select 0.75 or 0.5. The 0.25 speed is too slow and choppy to be useful.


Thank you so much !!! You`ve made my life so much easier!

You can also select “Custom” and fine tune the playback speed.

That depends on the device - it’s not available on either my iPad or my iPhone (both older devices).

Which is a pity, because sometimes increments of 25% are too coarse.

Good point, I have only done this on a laptop. I see that it’s not available on my Android phone, either.

You can use an app called “chord ai” for android or iOS. There is a free version and it’s great. You select the YouTube video you want and it figures out the chords (with variable accuracy) for you. The app also has an option to adjust playback speed (pitch corrected) in .1 increments. You can also loop sections. It’s excellent.

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I just tried this, and it’s impressive!

In fact, it might be a very good alternative to Justin’s App, if you want to keep playing the songs that were purged. You can even see the lyrics, if you select a lyrics video from YouTube.